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Compare our software packages & subscription plans

Caldera solutions are available in subscription plans or perpetual licenses. Compare our software packages and subscription plans below. Make sure you check our supported devices and technical requirements before purchasing our solutions.

PrimeCenter Subscription Plans

PrimeCenter is a powerful prepress solution designed to automate job preparation for digital printing and cutting. Easily check your files, nest images to reduce media waste, add cut marks for finishing operations, and more!

PrimeCenter is available in several annual subscription plans depending on the automation level that you need for your production.

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Annual subscription plans

PrimeCenter subscriptions are automatically renewed every year. Renewal preferences can be modified via your WorkSpace account.

The manual version
The semi-automated version
The automated version
User interface
Access to knowledge base & support
Dashboard & SLA*
Manual Import & Export
Auto Import (input hotfolder)
Auto Export (output hotfolder)
Apply recipe
Simultaneous semi-automatic recipes**
Simultaneous automatic recipes**
Rectangular & True Shape Nesting
Canvas & True Shape print bleed
Generate Cut Contour
Split & re-nest
Crop page to design/PDF boxes
Generate crop marks
Trimbox with padding
Annotations (texts, barcode 39, optical code)
Extended cut mark options
Ready to print/cut PDF files
Manual check & fix of input files
Automatic check & fix of input files
Color under marks
Global hotfolder (extract properties from filename)
Recipe queue
Tear-off annotations
Extract metadata from filename
Custom output naming
Check & fix of output files
XML job ticket
Global hotfolder (extract properties from XML)
Automatic export of PDF & cut files

*Service Level Agreement – When opening a support request on HelpDesk, the Caldera SLA guarantees a response within 2h, 4h or 8h depending on the severity of the issue.  

**PrimeCenter Pro can run an unlimited number of semi-automatic recipes. In addition, PrimeCenter Max can run up to 10 fully automatic recipes simultaneously. Additional automatic recipes can be purchased as an option if needed.  

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