Prepress & Nesting

Prepare & group files before production

Prepare all your files for production

In digital printing, prepress refers to the processes and tasks taking place before the actual printing of the design. It involves preparing and optimizing the digital files for production, by checking the format, resolution, transparency, fonts, bleed, cut marks, nesting, and more. Overall, prepress plays a critical role in ensuring the quality and consistency of the final output. 

Caldera offers tailored solutions to optimize the preparation of print & cut files. Our software PrimeCenter automates repetitive prepress tasks so that you don’t need to open and edit each file manually in your design software.  

An efficient production starts at the prepress stage 

PrimeCenter is a powerful prepress software to prepare all your print & cut files.

Using custom recipes, you can automate repetitive job preparation tasks— without having to open each individual file in your design software.

PrimeCenter includes rectangular & true shape nesting, preflight, and the possibility to add print bleed, grommets, cutting marks & annotations to streamline production, finishing and delivery.

Reduce media waste by up to 20% with powerful Nesting

Nesting refers to the process of optimizing the placement of multiple items of different sizes and shapes onto a larger sheet or roll of print media to maximize media usage, minimize waste and improve production efficiency.  

Caldera PrimeCenter features the most powerful nesting engine on the market:  

✓ Nest rectangular & complex shapes
✓ Compare layouts with the media coverage indicator  
✓ Group & prioritize jobs automatically with metadata

The benefits speak for themselves

PrimeCenter allows print shops of all sizes to achieve significant time & media savings

Prepare jobs faster

Reduce job preparation time by up to 3 times

Optimize media usage

Reduce waste by up to 20%

Avoid manual errors

Automate repetitive tasks

We are a small e-commerce company. As we have a large flow of files to print every day, we use PrimeCenter to organize files ordered via our webshop. It has simplified our work considerably. We drag the files into the recipe and it’s basically ready-to-print.
Logo Namly Design Namly Design with PrimeCenter Pro
Our customers love PrimeCenter— it’s the missing piece between our prepress workflow solutions and their RIP, and the ideal tool to automatically optimize nesting while preparing cutting operations. Powerful, fast and customizable, PrimeCenter is perfect for digital printers who wish to optimize their media usage. 
Hervé Schwertz Hervé Schwertz Co-Manager & Sales Director, Pixel Tech
PrimeCenter is compatible with any RIP software on the market, and any cutter controller supporting the PDF format. When different image files come in, PrimeCenter preflights and nests them into ready-for-production layouts. It doesn’t replace the RIP, but it’s far more effective to prepare files before the production stage.
Michael Dreher Caldera Michael Dreher Director of Strategic Partnerships, Caldera
We use PrimeCenter to automatically nest incoming print files, and we use a separate computer running CalderaRIP for ripping. The recipe feature has been very convenient and allows us to automate our production process. It’s great that it works with Optiscout to generate cut files.
TeacherGeek logo TeacherGeek CalderaRIP & PrimeCenter user
We use PrimeCenter to prepare artworks before submitting them to CalderaRIP for printing. We are happy with its integration into our workflow. It helps with our file manipulation and setup prior to the printing process. Two improvements that we have noticed right away were nesting complicated files and shapes more efficiently to save media, and visually inspecting for cut paths in the Studio window. The fixups are also a life-saver.
Caldera PrimeCenter icon PrimeCenter user Anonymous user

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