Liyu printers are compatible with CalderaRIP

New Liyu Drivers for CalderaRIP  

January 26, 2024

Caldera has announced the release of several Liyu drivers for CalderaRIP version 17. These new drivers expand the software’s long list of supported devices for large-format textile printing. 

Liyu printers are often used in the signage, graphics, and advertising industries for producing large-format prints and various visual communication materials. They are recognized for their affordability, reliability, and versatility. This range of new CalderaRIP drivers enable users to drive the following 3200mm Liyu printers:  

  • Liyu Platinum FH Textile (dye-sublimation) 
  • Liyu KC3020 FB (UV flatbed) 
  • Liyu PCT-RtR (UV roll-to-roll) 
  • Liyu-Q-Pack (hybrid printer for packaging, equipped with dye inks) 
  • Liyu-Q3-HB (UV hybrid) 
Liyu printer

Drive your Liyu printers with Caldera 

CalderaRIP is the best choice to drive and make the most out of your Fujifilm investment.   

Versatile and scalable, our multi-brand solution has already been adopted by thousands of print service providers around the world to tackle a variety of print & cut, indoor and outdoor applications while increasing their productivity. Caldera integrates seamlessly in any wide-format Print & Cut environment. With just one RIP license, drive all your Print & Cut peripherals and make the most of your investment.   

As a comprehensive workflow solution, CalderaRIP embeds powerful features and technologies for prepress and color management, including: