New HP PageWide XL Drivers for CalderaRIP

New HP PageWide XL Drivers for CalderaRIP

September 16, 2021

Caldera has announced the support of the brand-new HP PageWide XL Series for CalderaRIP Version 14.1. These new drivers expand the award-winning software’s long list of supported peripherals for wide-format production. Discover why CalderaRIP is the perfect ally to drive your HP printers.

Discover the HP PageWide XL

CalderaRIP software has been officially certified to use with the newly launched HP PageWide XL Series of large-format printers, including the XL Pro 10000, the XL Pro 8200 and the XL Pro 5200. All PageWide XL models are compatible with a wide range of certified graphic arts media solutions and offers excellent media versatility to suit various applications. Furthermore, the HP PageWide XL pigment inks ensure reliable color reproduction and high-quality results.  

Drive your HP printers with Caldera

Officially certified for use with the HP PageWide XL Series, CalderaRIP is engineered to make HP printers perform at their best. Combining some of the fastest printers on the market with the fastest RIP provides significant advantages in terms of boosting your productivity and increasing your ROI. Fully scalable, CalderaRIP is compatible with more than 1600 large-format Print & Cut devices and can be deployed on several workstations to drive your entire production fleet from one single interface. 

Besides, CalderaRIP embeds a wide range of advanced features in a user-friendly interface to ease the daily operations of print service providers. For example, the powerful TrueShape Nesting algorithm generates perfectly optimized layouts, resulting in significant time and media-savings.  

For high-demanding production environments, our automation features are unrivalled to help you save valuable time. The SmartImport feature can automatically extract meta-data from the filename, such as the number of copies, targeted printer or presets in order to speed up job submission of traditional file-based workflows.  

When it comes to accuracy, our market-leading RIP solution embeds premium components to always ensure perfect results no matter the application or substrate: the latest version of the powerful Adobe PDF Print Engine ensures a reliable reproduction of your designs on any surface, while the outstanding X-Rite i1Prism Profiler manages ICC profiling to let you keep control over your colors and ensure smooth gradients. 

Need to go further? Discover Caldera’s complete ecosystem by combining CalderaRIP with PrimeCenter, our solution for prepress automation. PrimeCenter streamlines file preparation for digital printing and cutting, and creates perfectly optimized, ready-to-produce layouts to help you save time and reduce media waste. PrimeCenter also supports double-sided printing settings which are fully compatible with CalderaRIP’s for a coherent workflow.  

Caldera is proud to be selected as one of very few RIP solutions recommended by one of the most recognized high-quality large format printer manufacturers. This selection offers confidence that CalderaRIP continues to exceed HP and customers’ expectations. Maximize your HP investment with state-of-the-art color management tools and advanced print & cut features to deliver high-quality results.