New Canon Colorado M-series drivers for CalderaRIP

New Canon Colorado M-series drivers for CalderaRIP 

April 26, 2023

Discover the new Colorado M Series 

Caldera has announced the release of new drivers to support the Canon Colorado M-series of modular UVgel roll-to-roll printers. These new drivers expand Caldera’s long list of supported peripherals for large format graphics.  

Launched on March 30, 2023, the new Colorado M-series is the first roll-to-roll large-format graphics printer that is modular in speed configuration and media handling. The series offers special effects (matte, glossy or mixed) and white ink capabilities to match a wide range of graphic applications. Moreover, Colorado M-series printers can be upgraded as needed to match business growth.

Version 16 of CalderaRIP is officially compatible with the Canon Colorado M-series:  

  • Colorado M-series M3 
  • Colorado M-series M3W 
  • Colorado M-series M5 
  • Colorado M-series M5W 

Enhance your production & color output   

CalderaRIP is a comprehensive solution designed to increase your productivity and color output.

Our software is compatible with more than 1600 large-format printers & cutters from various manufacturers to help operators drive their entire fleet from one single interface.  

Regarding color accuracy, CalderaRIP embeds premium components to ensure printing accuracy & smooth gradients no matter the application. Special inks such as white and varnish are fully supported in order to deliver high-quality printed products.  

Moreover, CalderaRIP includes several automation features to save time and take your production to the next level. Using our Smart Hotfolders, users are able to process multiple jobs simultaneously to avoid bottlenecks and meet deadlines. Combined with Smart Import*, users can automate job submission into the software to save time and avoid unwanted errors & waste.  

*SmartImport is available for users with a CalderaCare subscription. Discover the benefits and exclusive features of CalderaCare.