The support and maintenance solution

What is CalderaCare?

CalderaCare is the support and maintenance solution for your Caldera RIP software, that will keep your production up and running when you need it most. Whatever the issue, our team of technical experts will be on hand – and a subscription to CalderaCare also ensures all your software products will be kept up-to-date with the latest versions and enhancements.

The benefits speak for themselves

Not only can CalderaCare provide you with support when you have a problem, but it comes with a range of other user benefits to help you optimize your workflow.

Fast support

When you register a support request, the priority and response times are in accordance with specified guidelines. CalderaCare is your route to direct contact with Caldera experts.

Always up-to-date

Your Caldera software products covered by your CalderaCare subscription, will be continually updated with new features to enhance your workflow, including major upgrades to new versions.

Optimal production

Your access to future Caldera upgrades and version releases, helps keep your production capabilities current, and at optimal levels.

Two webinars included

Each CalderaCare contract includes two Caldera webinars per year.

And much more…

  • CalderaCare offers remote control assistance – one of our experts will take control of your workstation
  • New content will ensure that your operators are fully up to date with the products they’re using
  • You can consolidate all your RIP software into one license – so one CalderaCare subscription can support a multi-printer site
  • CalderaCare grants access to the Workspace customer portal and to our library of print profiles



When you need expert support

With a CalderaCare customer service contract, peace of mind is included in the price – it’s your guarantee of timely intervention by one of our team of software experts, with response guidelines in place from the moment you raise a ticket. Depending upon the severity of the issue, customers are offered options to register the request as critical, major or minor:

  • Critical – 2h response time – if your production is blocked and there’s no existing solution or workaround to your knowledge
  • Major – 4h response time – production is still possible but not as efficiently as usual and, while a solution may exist, it’s not obvious to find or apply
  • Minor – 8h response time – when production isn’t significantly impacted, but you have an issue that needs  a Caldera support solution
    Response times are counted from the start of the creation of a support ticket during the published CalderaCare working hours for your region.


CalderaCare content

Without CalderaCare With CalderaCare
Targeted Response Time Critical 2h / Major 4h / Minor 8h
Customer Portal*
Remote Control
Issue Follow up Weekly email report
Caldera Webinars Prepayment required 2 per year
Major upgrades
Drivers swaps Not available Driver swap Large (included)
Grand Print Driver Switch (for a reduced fee)


* Customer Portal will be accessed via Workspace