CalderaCare, the support and maintenance contract

The Support & Maintenance solution 

Keep your production up & running at all times 

CalderaCare is a set of additional, exclusive features including all major upgrades, premium training content and priority access to our technical support. An annual subscription to CalderaCare ensures your CalderaRIP software is kept up-to-date with the latest version and enhancements. 

More than a support solution

Besides premium technical support, CalderaCare includes a range of benefits to help you make the most of your production. 

Caldera Support

Guaranteed support response times

When you register a support request, the priority & response times are guaranteed within 2h for a critical issue, 4h for a major issue, and 8h for a minor issue*. 

Software updates

All the latest versions & updates

CalderaCare includes all CalderaRIP upgrades (major & minor) and grants you access to exclusive features to expand print & cut possibilities.  

Online trainings

Unlimited access to online trainings

Our online training sessions are the best way to get fast and effective training on CalderaRIP modules. Click here to see our online training courses.

Our customers love CalderaCare

CalderaRIP is very strong, rarely crashes and runs well, it handles PDFs much better than my other RIP. The main reason I stick with CalderaCare is the superb customer support.
Photo Alexander T. CalderaCare User, Ireland
I’ve never had to worry about waiting for a response from the team at Caldera. They are very prompt with figuring out a solution for us based on the problems we are presenting.
Photo Cassandra W. CalderaCare User, United States
It’s great to know that if our Caldera goes down and we can’t produce anything that I get support via CalderaCare and they will get someone on it with urgency. I have contacted them in the past and they have been amazing with support and answering questions.
Photo James E. CalderaCare User, United Kingdom
The service I have received in the past was perfect!
Photo Joseph C. CalderaCare User, Canada
CalderaCare makes our work easier and gives security to our company.
Photo Maciej P. CalderaCare User, Poland
The service we get is excellent and fast. We love the exclusive features and updates too.
Photo Matt S. CalderaCare User, United States
In our company, I’m the only person who knows about Caldera and can give support. When I’m not here, everybody can get priority support via CalderaCare.
Photo Petteri H. CalderaCare User, Finland
CalderaCare’s priority support is the most important thing for us when an issue arises in our production flow. And we enjoy having access to the most recent updates every now and then.
Photo Printful CalderaCare User, Mexico
Support is very quick to respond whenever we open a support ticket.
Photo Richard M. CalderaCare User, United States

What’s included in CalderaCare

Without CalderaCare
With CalderaCare
WorkSpace customer portal
Online trainings
Pre-payment required
Free, unlimited access
Priority support with guaranteed response times
Remote control
CalderaRIP major upgrades
CalderaRIP exclusive features
InkPerformer license for 1 printer
"Large" Driver swaps
Not available
"Grand" Driver swaps
Not available
Available at a reduced fee

*Large and Grand are driver categories that we use to classify large-format printing & cutting peripherals. Refer to our Supported devices page for more information.

Get priority support

CalderaCare is the guarantee of timely intervention by our team of technical experts, with response guidelines in place from the moment you create a support request on HelpDesk. You will be given the option to register your request as either critical, major or minor


Response within 2h

When production is blocked and there’s no existing solution or workaround to your knowledge. 


Response within 4h

When production is still possible but not as efficient as usual, and while a solution exists, it’s not obvious to find or apply.


Response within 8h

When your production is not significantly impacted, but your issue still requires a technician. 

Benefit from exclusive features

Your CalderaCare subscription unlocks additional features in CalderaRIP software.


Reduce ink consumption by up to 35%

No need to redo your ICC profiles to save on ink— once enabled, InkPerformer automatically recalculates a new color combination to reduce ink consumption, improve grey neutrality and reduce production costs. Click here to calculate your return on investment with InkPerformer.

CalderaCare subscriptions include 1 license of InkPerformer for one printer.

Caldera REST API

Connect CalderaRIP with third-party tools to streamline your workflow

The Caldera REST API facilitates the integration of CalderaRIP with third-party applications.

Connecting your RIP to your web shop or ERP software enables a more efficient workflow, and paves the way for automatic job submission, job spooling and job cost tracking.

Caldera REST API

Smart Import

Automate job submission to save time & avoid errors

SmartImport automatically extracts the metadata from the filename, such as the targeted printer, presets, number of copies to print, height, width and scale.

SmartImport unlocks the possibility to automate job submission in CalderaRIP to save time while avoiding errors and reprints.

Print Proof

Improve your customer validation workflow

Once your job is ready to produce, export a TIFF proof after ripping and send it to your customer.

This proof is a preview of the job, and it can be used for validation before production in order to avoid unwanted waste and reprints.

Bicubic resampling

Print sharper images & details

When rescaling an image for large format applications, enable the bicubic resampling option to generate sharper details, avoid pixelated effects and guarantee precise rendering.

QuickPrint auto-naming

Save time exporting & sharing presets between your printers

When exporting a print configuration, CalderaRIP automatically renames it with relevant information (Export_Printer_Preset_Date) to help you save time.

ImageBar - Mark Image as Done

Mark Images as Done

Quickly see which images are left to print

Printed jobs are now marked as done in the ImageBar to help you save time.

Hotfolder Input Order in CalderaRIP Version 17.3

Hotfolder Input Order

Benefit from more flexibility in file processing

For more flexibility and to deliver all jobs on time, you can either choose between a variety of sorting algorithms to process jobs: fastest, preserve the input order, numeric or alphanumeric. 

RAL Spot Color libraries in CalderaRIP software

New RAL 2024 Spot Color Libraries

Match precise brand colors

Benefit from the latest RAL spot color libraries directly in the RIP to match precise brand colors, reduce waste and reprints.

Add white under the trimmer marks in CalderaRIP software

White Under Trimmer Marks

Improve mark detection on non-white media

Add white under trimmer marks for automatic mark detection, even on black or colored media.

Caldera online trainings

Access all our online trainings

Our webinars are the perfect alternative to get fast and effective training on CalderaRIP. New sessions are available every month, with the opportunity to ask your questions directly to our experts.

Subscribe to CalderaCare to get unlimited access to our online training catalog:

  • Fundamentals of CalderaRIP
  • Color management
  • Print & Cut workflow
  • Spot color management
  • Tiles management

Leave the support & maintenance to us

CalderaCare is an annual subscription contract. CalderaCare subscriptions are automatically renewed every year. Cancellation requests must be addressed via a written notice to at least 30 days prior to the contract expiration date.