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The online courses we offer:

The fundamentals of CalderaRIP

If there was only one CalderaRIP training course, this would certainly be it, as it covers all the basics of our RIP software. This online training course will guide you through your first steps with CalderaRIP, and teach you how to process your files until printing. You will also be trained on the Compose and Nest-O-Matik modules to automate the nesting of several files, and more!

Training duration: 1 hour of training + 30 minutes of Q&A

Webinar Program:

  • Manual file import with Fileman
  • Automatic file import with Hotfolders
  • How to view file information
  • How to crop an incoming file
  • How to manage jobs from the image bar
  • Install and set up a printer driver
  • Print module and page setup
  • Managing print queues
  • Creating amalgams with Compose
  • Automatic nesting with Nest-O-Matik
  • Automation

Tiles management with Tiling+

This online training will help you master Tiling+, our module dedicated to the management of tiles for your very large-format printing projects. We will show you how to use this module through concrete examples such as vehicle wrapping, window decoration or billboard printing. You will also learn how to automate the printing of tiles using our powerful workflow editor.

Training duration: 1 hour of training + 30 minutes of Q&A

Webinar schedule:

  • Application 1: Billboards
  • Application 2: Vehicle wrapping
  • Application 3: Window displays
  • Application 4: Banners
  • How to automate Tiling+

Print&Cut workflow with VisualCut

This course is for CalderaRIP users who wish to deepen their knowledge of print & cut workflows. At the end of this training session, you will master the installation and configuration of cutting plotters working with VisualCut, our dedicated module for cutting with roll-to-roll plotters. You will learn how to create cutting tools based on the cut paths in your files. We will also see how to edit cutting files using design software such as Adobe Illustrator.

Training duration: 1 hour of training + 30 minutes of Q&A

Webinar program:

  • Presentation of the print-to-cut workflow
  • Creation of cutting files with Adobe Illustrator
  • Installation of a cutting plotter
  • Configuration of the cutting contour list
  • How to add print bleed
  • Using Step & Repeat & ContourNesting from the print module and from Compose
  • Overview of the VisualCut interface
  • Automating cut jobs with QuickPrint
  • Cutting marks and Nest-O-Matik

Color Management & EasyMedia

Color management holds a central part of our customer’s daily operations, and mastering this topic can be complicated. In this online course, we will focus on setting up and creating ICC profiles using EasyMedia, our module for printer calibration. From linearization to ICC profile creation, we will cover in detail all the steps involved in color calibration, so that you can achieve the best results on any type of media.

Training duration : 1 hour of training + 30 minutes of Q&A

Webinar schedule:

  • Introduction to Color Management
  • CalderaRIP color configuration
  • Mastering the different calibration steps on EasyMedia
  • Printer color configuration
  • Which color rendering mode to choose

Spot Color Management

You wish to improve the rendering of certain colors printed with your large-format inkjet printer? Our RIP software makes it possible to optimize the rendering of your colors referenced in the RAL, Pantone, HKS or many other color libraries with the Spot Color module. In this training course, we will see how to edit custom color charts in order to create your own CMYK libraries and automate the spot color replacement process.

Duration of the training: 1 hour of training + 30 minutes of Q&A

Webinar schedule:

  • How to create and open a file with spot colors
  • How to generate a custom color chart
  • How to create a custom CMYK library
  • Creating a custom Lab library
  • How to automate spot color replacement
  • How to sample a color with a spectrophotometer


Our webinars are exclusive benefits for our customers with a CalderaCare subscription.


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