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Founded in 1992 by two brothers, Oschatz Visuelle Medien provides services and print products of outstanding quality using CalderaRIP software.

Success stories

We are thrilled to share inspiring success stories showcasing how our commitment to delivering innovative solutions have transformed print businesses around the world.

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We’ve been using Caldera RIP software for about 10 to 15 years, and we’re very happy with the customizability it offers. Our operators are constantly changing their preferences in color management and Caldera caters to this. It allows us to achieve color consistency over both locations, which is very important to us. Caldera allows us to keep our offerings at a consistently high quality.
Kyle Niner Kyle Niner Jersey City General Manager, CGS
Regarding the finished product on the print side, color and repeatability are paramount, and this is where Caldera comes in. Although Caldera is performing well, we are always looking to extract the most benefit from the software, so it’s a work in progress – and as we add new products and new customers, the software is growing with us.
Steve Grundner Steve Grundner Vice-President & General Manager, Tectonics
Communicating our story requires a lot of printing in all our stores, with constantly changing point-of-sale advertising material. Our advertising and in-store communication can change on a daily basis, and Caldera allows us to respond quickly to the demands of the business. We need Caldera for its quality – it provides us with a finished product that is impeccable.
Thierry Veil Thierry Veil Founder & CEO, Bagelstein
Caldera is perfect in workflow, ripping, printing, cutting and packaging. I have worked with Caldera software for over ten years now, and there’s never been an end to learning what the software is capable of.
Daniel Oschatz Daniel Oschatz Co-CEO, Oschatz Visuelle Median
Caldera is the best program in the market right now. It is extremely fast, stable, completely user-friendly and has a great interface. I am often approached by manufacturers to use other workflows and I choose Caldera every time.
Eyal Shemesh ES Digital El Shemesh ES Digital, Israel
Having a single RIP driving our operation and interacting without problems with our workflow means that we’ve cut costs across the board. Caldera’s partner strategy means that new drivers and modules are in continuous development, so we are certain we’ve got a software backbone that is ready for whatever is thrown at us on a given day.
William Lambrecht William Lambrecht Visix, Belgium
We are a small e-commerce company. As we have a large flow of files to print every day, we use PrimeCenter to organize files ordered via our webshop. It has simplified our work considerably. We drag the files into the recipe and it’s basically ready-to-print.
Logo Namly Design Namly Design with PrimeCenter Pro
PrimeCenter is compatible with any RIP software on the market, and any cutter controller supporting the PDF format. When different image files come in, PrimeCenter preflights and nests them into ready-for-production layouts. It doesn’t replace the RIP, but it’s far more effective to prepare files before the production stage.
Michael Dreher Caldera Michael Dreher Director of Strategic Partnerships, Caldera
We use PrimeCenter to prepare artworks before submitting them to CalderaRIP for printing. We are happy with its integration into our workflow. It helps with our file manipulation and setup prior to the printing process. Two improvements that we have noticed right away were nesting complicated files and shapes more efficiently to save media, and visually inspecting for cut paths in the Studio window. The fixups are also a life-saver.
Caldera PrimeCenter icon PrimeCenter user Anonymous user
Our customers love PrimeCenter— it’s the missing piece between our prepress workflow solutions and their RIP, and the ideal tool to automatically optimize nesting while preparing cutting operations. Powerful, fast and customizable, PrimeCenter is perfect for digital printers who wish to optimize their media usage. 
Hervé Schwertz Hervé Schwertz Co-Manager & Sales Director, Pixel Tech

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