Dgen printers compatible with CalderaRIP

New Dgen drivers for CalderaRIP 

October 31, 2023

Introducing new Dgen drivers for textile printing 

Caldera has announced a plethora of new Dgen drivers for CalderaRIP Version 16. These print drivers expand CalderaRIP’s long list of supported peripherals for large-format production. 

Dgen is a manufacturer and distributor of inkjet printing systems for the graphic, textile and industrial industries. CalderaRIP is now compatible with the following models:  

  • Dgen Artrix Pro 
  • Dgen Artrix Omni Pro 
  • Dgen Papyrus Grande 
  • Dgen Papyrus Grande Pro 
  • Dgen Papyrus Grande K 
  • Dgen Teleios Omni Grande 
  • Dgen Teleios Omni Pro 
Dgen Papyrus Grande Sublimation

Drive your Dgen printers with Caldera  

CalderaRIP is an award-winning software helping print service providers to enhance their productivity and color output.   

Fully scalable, it fits print operations of all sizes, and manages your fleet of devices from one single interface to deliver coherent results on any printer or substrate.  

CalderaRIP is available via the TextilePro package, which includes comprehensive tools for textile printing: