Caldera launches new features at FESPA 2019

Caldera launches new features at FESPA 2019

May 11, 2019

Leading French RIP software provider Caldera has announced that it will be releasing the latest version of its award-winning RIP program at FESPA 2019 Global Print Expo. This year’s FESPA takes place in Munich between 14 and 17 May, and Caldera sees it as the ideal opportunity to launch the next version, which incorporates new features requested by the Caldera user community.

The V12.1 version unveils a range of additions to the original program, with a focus on improving processing speeds for high-end print shops, while at the same time providing a better and simplified user experience. New V12.1 features include RotationBoost, making Caldera’s rotation algorithm 30% faster than competitors’, and Caldera Snapshots, which allows operators to save the state of their Caldera RIP installation at a particular point in time. By creating snapshots, users can easily restore previous configurations (parameters and profiles), but also driver revisions and build behaviors, in order to reprint in exactly in the same conditions.

CalderaCare features include CalderaJobs, which is introduced as part of CalderaDock, allowing print shops to reprint exactly the same jobs months later, while keeping the spooler and hard drive clean and performing. With CxF/4 users can import spectral libraries for more accuracy in matching brand colors. CalderaCare also includes an upgrade for InkPerformer customers, which can lead to ink savings of up to 30% while keeping color accuracy.

Caldera’s new General Manager, Samin Sarkar, says, “We are focused on growing the core strengths of Caldera, around a strong customer experience, and quality and scalability. Our future strategy is dependent on expanding our partner ecosystem to offer our customers additional capability that is underpinned by the software.”

An example of this is the strategic partnership the company is announcing at FESPA with digital print finishing solutions provider Fotoba.

As part of Dover Corporation, within the Dover Digital Printing business, Caldera technology is being rolled out across multiple sectors. The company already has a significant presence in areas such as textile, packaging and DTG, and is using product innovation and development to grow market share in these areas. Dover Digital Printing is committed to drive efficiencies for customers, collaborating with them to innovate for greater speed and accuracy in production to increase profitability. Caldera plays a significant role in this process, with a mission to deliver more effective digital printing solutions.

Press contact:
Sébastien Hanssens
Vice President Marketing & Communication