Caldera’s New Prepress Automation Solution

Created by Caldera. Inspired by Zünd.

What is PrimeCenter?

Caldera’s prepress automation solution PrimeCenter helps wide format digital printers optimize job preparation for printing and cutting. While automating repetitive prepress tasks, PrimeCenter allows you to increase operator productivity and optimize your layouts to save time and reduce media usage.

Discover all the features included in PrimeCenter below!

PrimeCenter Workflow


PrimeCenter prepress automation workflow

Orders (or jobs) are first submitted to the prepress station, either manually, from a webshop or from an ERP. Then, PrimeCenter generates nested layouts based on ”recipes” created by the operator.

After adding the marks and optimizing the nesting, PrimeCenter sends both PDF files (the print file and the cut file) to the production stage. At this stage, CalderaRIP software can be integrated to RIP the file before printing. After printing is done, the cutting can start!




Key Benefits

Avoid media waste by optimizing Nesting

Based on cutting-edge A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) technologies, our blazing-fast “Prime Nesting” algorithm achieves a high level of optimization while guaranteeing reusability. Minimizing media waste and beating the best manually generated nestings allow you to save money and scale up your production.

Save time on repetitive prepress actions and tasks

Create your own recipe and automate repetitive manual tasks such as preflight, bleed, assigning the sizes, assigning production configuration, adding the annotations, or QR codes. Save your recipe and apply it as many times as necessary!

Fully integrated with Zünd Cut Center

Synchronization with Zünd Cut Center media and tools, and transfer of metadata for cutting automation.

Compatible with any cutter controller supporting PDF

Generate ready to cut files in layered PDF, the most used format on the market. Each element of the PDF – from design and cut contour to registration marks – is contained in different layers.

Tear off annotations: See at a glance which print is intended for which order.

Reduce the error rate, optimize your organization, save time when preparing the shipments and when searching for an order or a client.

Enable job tracking and submission

Improves job tracking with XML technology. Can be integrated with all types of ERP, MIS and webshops.


Ready to cut PDF files

Save time on the prepress stage, cut down operator errors, and focus on added-value tasks.

This new version of PrimeCenter builds on the existing automation solution to offer users greater flexibility. Indeed, V1.1 is adapted to a wide range of print & cut environments and is compatible with more cutters.

Additionally, it can now generate ready to cut files in layered PDF, the most used format on the market. Each element of the PDF – from design and cut contour to registration marks – is now contained in different layers.


Registration Marks

Extended cut marks options
Compliancy with cutter and workflow restrictions

PrimeCenter has been innovated to give users increased flexibility when it comes to cutting and registration. At the same time, additional layers of automation make it easier and faster to manipulate images during the prepress stage.

PrimeCenter V1.1 pushes flexibility even further by extending cut marks options to be compliant with most cutter and workflow restrictions. Choose the shape and size of your registration marks, and customize their placement with margin, spacing and edge marks settings within the current nest by using our updated cut marks module.

Shapes and size

Shapes and size







Suitable for all users

PrimeCenter is a versatile tool that can benefit print operations of all sizes. Owner-operators will find that it integrates seamlessly with the RIP and helps save valuable time in file preparation. For medium-sized print shops, it reduces the need for a dedicated prepress operator, freeing up time to focus on printing rather than preparation. In larger printing operations, the ability to automate daily repetitive tasks has significant benefits.






PrimeCenter prepress automation

Prime Cutting

Generate 100% "ready to cut" files before the cutting stage

PrimeCenter prepress automation

Prime Preflight

Generate 100% "ready to print" files before RIP stage

PrimeCenter prepress automation

Prime Nesting

Up to 16% less media waste (compared to CalderaRIP)

PrimeCenter prepress automation

Prime Workflow

Deliver on time by grouping jobs based on meta information





Prime Nesting by PrimeCenter

True Shape nesting is a “NP-complete” problem, meaning that it is not possible to find the best solution without a prohibitive time-consuming inspection of all the possibilities. The exploding combinatory of solutions leads to mix different strategies (classically called heuristics) to avoid local optimums and maximize efficiency.
Prime Nesting combines several heuristics to find the better match given a maximal allowed nesting time.

Without Prime Nesting // With Prime Nesting


Barcode 39

While improving the flexibility and automation capabilities of PrimeCenter, Version 1.1 now allows two possibilities for tracking codes. Job processing can be automated by the inclusion of optical marks such as QR codes or barcodes.

Indeed, when it comes to textile or other textured substrate printing, it is more convenient to use BarCode 39, as not all printers are equipped with QR code readers. PrimeCenter eases the job identification process and streamlines the prepress stage, allowing you to make considerable time savings across your workflow.


Automate your production with ganging

PrimeCenter has a feature that can group together incoming files based on specific data. That is called ”ganging.”

For example, if you have three multi-page PDF files from two different customers, PrimeCenter will use Metadata -customer’s ID e.g- to queue the files in separated nests. This feature eases the finishing and delivery process.

Caldera PrimeCenter Ganging

Automate your production with metadata

Traditionally, what is called ‘data’ in the large format digital printing industry is what is printed. The data is printed.

Metadata is all the different information that comes with the printed file such as for example the order number, the professional channel, the order date, the delivery date, the printer, etc. It helps you organize, filter and enrich your files via QR codes.

Caldera PrimeCenter Metadata

Output Naming

When exporting both cut and print files from PrimeCenter, you can now rename the files by choosing from a variety of information. Even though PrimeCenter V1.0 provided dynamic output file naming, V1.1 goes one step further and enhances the software’s automation capabilities. Layouts can now be named according to media name, number of copies, date and ganging metadata.

The ganging metadata can feature any naming attributes. These improvements not only ease the identification process in both manual and automatic workflows, they also link prepress to production.

Outputnaming Landscape

Automated Crop page

Thanks to the new “Automated Crop Mark” feature in Caldera PrimeCenter Version 1.1, you no longer need to use a design software program, such as Adobe Photoshop, to manually remove an unused white area around your design.

Caldera PrimeCenter now automatically handles this task for you, by cropping the page to the trimbox, to the visible content or to remove the cropbox, depending on your choice. This can be applied to vector or rasterized files!

Save considerable time by automating this process in your workflow.

Generate Cut Contour

No need to go back to your design software!

Thanks to the new “Generate Cut Contour” feature in Caldera PrimeCenter Version 1.1, you no longer need to use a design software, such as Adobe Illustrator, to manually create a cut contour. Caldera PrimeCenter now generates cut contours automatically around your designs, on vector or rasterized files!

This feature in combination with the automation of cut marks and print bleed will save you a lot of time on boring and repetitive tasks.

Let your prepress team focus on more added-value jobs!

Caldera PrimeCenter Cut Contour Gif

Crop marks

Caldera PrimeCenter has now a new “finishing” fixup.

Custom one or multiple images simultaneously by adding Crop marks manually or automatically. Choose between internal or external crop marks to cut your rectangular nested files using manual cutting equipment. To further increase the flexibility of your cutting workflow, combine crop marks and cutter registration marks. Manage margins and offset independently to reach your goals.

Caldera PrimeCenter Corp Marks

Mirroring, Orientation

Mirroring and rotation fixup can now be applied to your images manually.

Choose to mirror your image vertically or horizontally directly in the File Manager, or rotate your images to 180 degrees or 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise according to your needs. You can now force your page orientation to portrait or to landscape.

These Check/Fixes can be applied automatically during the file loading process in order to increase your productivity!

Get your files ready before the nesting step with the proper Check/Fix action!

Caldera PrimeCenter Mirroring Orientation

Preflight & Fixup library

With Version 1.1, access new features continuously thanks to our fixup profile library available in CalderaDock!

Besides making PrimeCenter more flexible than ever, this extensive Preflight and Fixup Library lets you access new features and fixes without having to wait for a full software update.

Are you, for example, looking for a fixup profile that will improve your workflow and automate boring and repetitive prepress tasks?

Simply browse through the library, download the appropriate KFPX profile, save it in the correct folder, then use it immediately in PrimeCenter.

File Manager

Finding input files is now easier than ever, thanks to the new preview options embedded in PrimeCenter’s File Manager, which allow you to choose how your input files are displayed thus further enhancing the software’s flexibility. Choose between two types of display – detailed list or icons – and increase the size of the thumbnails for easier file identification before nesting. Adapt the display to your needs and save time during the pre-production stage!

Caldera PrimeCenter Grid Caldera PrimeCenter List Caldera PrimeCenter Zoom in the grid
(focused on thumbnails)
(focused on filenames)
Zoom in the gird
(for easier file identification)


PrimeCenter works for all types of Print&Cut applications, including:

Caldera PrimeCenter Poster in the street Caldera PrimeCenter Orange Stickers Caldera PrimeCenter POS Point of Sale Caldera PrimeCenter Soft Signage Banner

Banners and posters


Point of Sales Marketing

Soft Signage


Annual Subscription Plans

PrimeCenter comes with a choice of three editions:

  • PrimeCenter Basic

Parameters for preflight, nesting and other functions are applied manually.

  • PrimeCenter Pro

Layouts from incoming files are automatically generated, though not exported to the controller or the RIP. The application of parameters for preflight and nesting can be semi-automated via the creation of scripted actions.

  • PrimeCenter Max

Includes the features of PrimeCenter Pro, but the automatically generated layouts are also automatically exported to the controller or the RIP.

New features will be included continuously in plans restricted by their capacity to be automated.

The manual version

The semi-automated version

The fully automated version
Manual import
Manual Apply Recipe
Manual Export
1 user interface
Auto Import
Auto Apply Recipe
Manual Export
1 user interface
Auto Import
Auto Apply Recipe
Auto Export
3 user interfaces
HelpDesk access to FAQ
and tickets submission
(Dashboard also included
for CalderaCare users)
HelpDesk access to
FAQ, tickets submission,
Dashboard and SLA
(same as CalderaCare)
HelpDesk access to
FAQ, tickets submission,
Dashboard, and SLA
(same as CalderaCare)
Rectangular & True
Shape Nesting
Rectangular & True
Shape Nesting
Rectangular & True
Shape Nesting
Canvas & True Shape Bleeding Canvas & True Shape Bleeding Canvas & True Shape Bleeding
Texts, Barcode 39 and QR Code Texts, Barcode 39 and QR Code Texts, Barcode 39 and QR Code
Trimbox with Padding Trimbox with Padding Trimbox with Padding
Manual preflight, export
of PDF and Cut files
Manual preflight, export
of PDF and Cut files
Manual preflight, export
of PDF and Cut files
Input Hotfolders Input Hotfolders Input Hotfolders
Ganging Ganging Ganging
Tear-Off Annotations Tear-Off Annotations Tear-Off Annotations
Meta-Data from filename Meta-Data from filename Meta-Data from filename
Output Hotfolders Output Hotfolders Output Hotfolders
XML Job Ticket XML Job Ticket XML Job Ticket
Automatic Preflight, export
of PDF and Cut files
Automatic Preflight, export
of PDF and Cut files
Automatic Preflight, export
of PDF and Cut files

Supported files

icon file formatPrimeCenter supports the following file formats:

  • PDF
  • EPS
  • TIFF
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • PS
  • AI

Supported Operating Systems

PrimeCenter is a multiplatform software, compatible with the following operating systems:

Windows 10 logo Apple logo Debian Logo Linux Caldera
Windows 10
mac OS X Catalina
Debian 10

Compatible with any RIP and cutter controller supporting PDF, but integrated only with CalderaRIP and Zünd Cut Center.

*Based on a 2020 survey from Caldera on a panel of 500 printshops.

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