PrimeCenter 2.4 update

Releasing PrimeCenter 2.4

February 09, 2023

Introducing a new update for PrimeCenter

Caldera has announced the release of a new update for its job preparation and nesting software PrimeCenter.

Starting February 6, 2023, all PrimeCenter users will be able to update their software to benefit from the new improvements. PrimeCenter 2.4 introduces new OS support and more flexibility for your daily operations. Already using PrimeCenter? Get the update directly from the software settings! 

More OS compatibilities 

With the 2.4 update, PrimeCenter is now compatible with Linux Ubuntu 22.04, and macOS Ventura. Read more about PrimeCenter’s OS compatibilities.  

Save time prioritizing your jobs  

One of the core elements of PrimeCenter is its state-of-the-art nesting engine capable of delivering optimal layouts, whether you are working with rectangular or more complex shapes.  

This new update goes a step further to give operators more flexibility in job management and prioritization. By using specific metadata, jobs can be grouped and prioritized automatically, which makes it easier to dispatch customers’ orders.  

Automate job preparation even further 

To improve automated workflows, operators can now indicate the fix-ups to apply directly in the input XML job ticket. This improvement grants more flexibility in automated workflows and reduces the number of recipes to manage in PrimeCenter.  

Read the complete changelog on HelpDesk for more details about the new features and fixes.