Caldera PrimeCenter prepress software for digital printing

Job preparation & nesting software

Preparing your files has never been easier

PrimeCenter is a prepress software designed to simplify the preparation of print & cut files. Located upstream of your production, PrimeCenter checks, corrects, sorts, groups and prepares files for production. Cut down errors, reduce media waste and increase your productivity!

What’s new in PrimeCenter

LATEST UPDATE / May 2024 – Release of PrimeCenter 3.1.
Read the What’s New and Changelog on HelpDesk.

  • Prepare double-sided banners
  • Prepare files for Direct-to-Film
  • Use single-page and multi-page PDF files in the same double-sided printing recipe
  • Improved format management

Why choose PrimeCenter

The solution to win big

Prepress plays a critical role in ensuring the quality and consistency of the final output. PrimeCenter does not replace your RIP software, but is far more effective in preventing issues at the production stage.

Prepare jobs 3 times faster

Build your custom recipes (per client, job or media type) to streamline file preparation, automate repetitive tasks and save time.

Nest rectangular and complex shapes with Caldera PrimeCenter

Cut down media waste by 20%

With its advanced rectangular and true-shape nesting algorithm, PrimeCenter optimizes media usage to reduce waste and costs.

Automate prepress tasks with Caldera PrimeCenter

Reduce time spent on repetitive tasks

Automate repetitive tasks to process more jobs, say goodbye to bottlenecks and free up time for added-value tasks.

An efficient workflow starts at the prepress stage

PrimeCenter includes over 50 preflight profiles that you can use to prepare your print & cut files in no time.

icon import files


Import the files that you need to get ready for production in PrimeCenter.

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Create your own recipes in PrimeCenter to prepare your jobs and anticipate the next production steps. Recipes include media parameters, preflight checks, print bleed, cut marks, annotations, nesting and output options.

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Export your ready-to-print/cut files directly to the software of your choice. The PDF generated by PrimeCenter are compatible with any RIP software on the market, and with all cutting systems supporting the PDF format.

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Preflighting is essential for checking PDF standardization and correcting common issues, such as missing cutting instructions, fonts, transparency, resolution, sizes, dimensions or color problems. And rather than do it all manually, PrimeCenter checks and corrects your files automatically to save time, reduce manual processes and avoid costly re-prints. 

Main applications: stickers, labels, signs, point-of-sale displays 

Preflight in PrimeCenter

Stop wasting hours manually nesting your files on your design software! Instead, import them to PrimeCenter to automatically nest the images. PrimeCenter analyzes your files and detects the elements to be nested in order to generate an optimized layout. 

Whether you need to nest several copies of the same file, different files of similar format, or a bunch of different images with varying sizes and dimensions, PrimeCenter helps you save time and cut down on media waste.  

Main applications: vehicle wrapping, stickers, labels 

True-Shape Nesting in PrimeCenter

With its array of cutting options, PrimeCenter is ideal for generating PDF files tailored to your production tools and constraints. Add positioning marks, camera marks and annotations, and link your cutting contours to specific cutting methods to prepare your files for production. PrimeCenter simplifies file traceability by adding optical codes according to the detection tool used. 

Main applications: packaging, signs, point-of-sale displays

Cutting in PrimeCenter

Whether you’re printing simple shapes or complex dye-cut outlines with different designs on either side, PrimeCenter can prepare double-sided prints with accuracy and ease, helping you avoid manual errors and save a considerable amount of time. 

Main applications: signs, point-of-sale displays 

Animation of Double-sided printing in PrimeCenter


Prepare print & cut files for all types of indoor and outdoor applications.

They use PrimeCenter

We are a small e-commerce company. As we have a large flow of files to print every day, we use PrimeCenter to organize files ordered via our webshop. It has simplified our work considerably. We drag the files into the recipe and it’s basically ready-to-print.
Logo Namly Design Namly Design with PrimeCenter Pro
We use PrimeCenter to automatically nest incoming print files, and we use a separate computer running CalderaRIP for ripping. The recipe feature has been very convenient and allows us to automate our production process. It’s great that it works with Optiscout to generate cut files.
TeacherGeek logo TeacherGeek CalderaRIP & PrimeCenter user
We use PrimeCenter to expedite the production process between the design department and the printing department. Daily tasks for designers are minimized as they don’t have to carve out time for print file setups and can focus on design setup and client communication for proofing. 
Logo Throttle Syndicate Throttle Syndicate PrimeCenter User
We use PrimeCenter to prepare artworks before submitting them to CalderaRIP for printing. We are happy with its integration into our workflow. It helps with our file manipulation and setup prior to the printing process. Two improvements that we have noticed right away were nesting complicated files and shapes more efficiently to save media, and visually inspecting for cut paths in the Studio window. The fixups are also a life-saver.
Caldera PrimeCenter icon PrimeCenter user Anonymous user
Caldera helped us setup the recipes we needed for preparing our yard signs. Now we dump everything into PrimeCenter, push a button and we can print & cut on the fly – it’s fantastic!
MK Signs Mike Kasold Owner of MK Signs
Our customers love PrimeCenter— it’s the missing piece between our prepress workflow solutions and their RIP, and the ideal tool to automatically optimize nesting while preparing cutting operations. Powerful, fast and customizable, PrimeCenter is perfect for digital printers who wish to optimize their media usage. 
Hervé Schwertz Hervé Schwertz Co-Manager & Sales Director, Pixel Tech
PrimeCenter is compatible with any RIP software on the market, and any cutter controller supporting the PDF format. When different image files come in, PrimeCenter preflights and nests them into ready-for-production layouts. It doesn’t replace the RIP, but it’s far more effective to prepare files before the production stage.
Michael Dreher Caldera Michael Dreher Director of Strategic Partnerships, Caldera
We are happy with Caldera’s technical support. They have helped us via TeamViewer sessions until our basic setup was in place as well as shared our live recorded team viewer sessions so we can set up some on our own, allowing us to understand the software better.
Logo Throttle Syndicate Throttle Syndicate PrimeCenter Users
We find PrimeCenter to be incredibly useful, and we are pleased with the features it offers. Therefore, in addition to upgrading CalderaRIP, we want to extend our subscription to PrimeCenter. We are excited about the upcoming version and the enhanced capabilities it will bring.
logo DPC group Radovan Radulović DPC Group, Serbia
Using PrimeCenter saves me anything from 20 minutes to 2-3 hours a day by not having to set things up manually. While it’s processing, I can get on with another task or help somebody else in the shop. Then I come back and it transfers everything into the RIP and straight to the printer.
MK Signs Mike Kasold Owner of MK Signs

Annual subscription plans

PrimeCenter is available in annual subscription plans with different automation levels.

Icon PrimeCenter Basic



New to digital printing and cutting? PrimeCenter Essentials includes all you need to prepare your print and cut files, from preflight to nesting and adding cut marks. Cut down media waste, reduce repetitive tasks and save time on file preparation. 

Icon PrimeCenter Pro



Want to make significant time and media savings with little investment? PrimeCenter Pro introduces a first layer of automation to automate file import, preflight, sorting, nesting and various preparation steps. Create recipes per client or media type to prepare jobs faster and increase your productivity.

Icon PrimeCenter Max



Need more automation? PrimeCenter Max is the missing piece to streamline your workflow from the initial order to the final delivery. Leverage the power of metadata for hands-off file preparation, and benefit from maximum savings to boost your ROI. 

Get started with PrimeCenter 

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