Durst P5-500 with CalderaRIP

New Durst P5-500 Driver for CalderaRIP

March 15, 2023

CalderaRIP Version 16 is now officially compatible with the Durst P5-500 printer. This new driver expands Caldera’s long list of supported peripherals for grand-format production.  

Discover Durst’s superwide printer

Launched at FESPA 2022 last May, Durst’s new grand-format printing press has a printing width of 5.2 meters, making it suitable for a wide range of roll-to-roll applications in industrial printing environments.  

The P5-500 is designed to run 24/7 for maximum productivity. Equipped with Ricoh GEN5 printheads, this new model in the P5 series operates with the traditional four channels of ink for four-color printing, but can also be equipped with up to four additional channels to use light colors, white and varnish. 

Drive your Durst printer with Caldera 

Thousands of print shops around the world have already chosen Caldera for its reliability and performance. 

Our market-leading RIP solution has been designed to streamline your workflow and increase your productivity without compromising on color output and quality. Caldera’s scalable architecture matches the needs of industrial production environments. 

CalderaRIP embeds premium components to ensure printing accuracy for all print applications. The latest version of the powerful Adobe PDF Print Engine ensures a reliable reproduction of your designs on any surface, and the X-Rite i1Prism Profiler for ICC profiling helps you keep control over your colors and ensure smooth gradients. 

Special inks (such as white and varnish) are also supported to deliver high-quality printed products.  

Print high-quality results with less ink  

InkPerformer is a CalderaRIP option designed to reduce ink consumption without compromising color accuracy.  

There’s no need to be a color expert or redo your ICC profiles to save on ink— once enabled, InkPerformer automatically calculates a new color combination to optimize ink usage. 

InkPerformer also includes an ink cost calculation tool, in order to compare the results with & without InkPerformer. You can see the results & benefits directly in the software! 

Print more neutral greys, reduce production costs, and make your production more sustainable!