New Dgen Papyrus G5 DCM driver for CalderaRIP

June 22, 2022

CalderaRIP is now compatible with the D.gen Papyrus G5 DCM. This new driver with DCM configuration expands the company’s portfolio of supported peripherals for digital printing. 

Discover Dgen’s high-speed direct-to-paper printer 

The Papyrus G5 DCM is the latest addition to the Dgen‘s high-speed direct-to-paper printer range. Designed for fashion, industrial sublimation, sportswear and blueback printing, it guarantees high productivity thanks to its new inkset including Double Cyan and Magenta print heads (DCM), allowing a printing speed of up to 190 square meters per hour.

Dgen Papyrus G5 DCM

Drive your Dgen printers with CalderaRIP 

CalderaRIP is an award-winning software used by thousands of print service providers to enhance their productivity and color output. Fully scalable, it fits print operations of all sizes, and manages your fleet of devices from one single, user-friendly interface to deliver coherent results no matter the application or substrate. 

Driving the Papyrus G5 DCM with CalderaRIP will ensure you make the most out of your investment and deliver high-quality textile products. Indeed, Caldera’s market-leading software not only embeds the outstanding X-Rite i1Prism Profiler for ICC profiling, but it also comes with premium color management tools to achieve unmatched color precision and always meet your customers’ expectations. 

In addition, CalderaRIP embeds numerous features and options for quick, precise and profitable textile printing. For example, the Tex&Repeat module allows you to easily repeat and align patterns for various applications, including wallpapers and home décor elements. Tex&Repeat will help you save hours of tedious manual duplication and pattern placement in your design tool thanks to our automatic drop detection system that scans your pattern to find the perfect alignment. Benefit from an intuitive, user-friendly interface to focus on the task at hand, and deliver impeccable results without compromising on speed and efficiency. Besides, reopening a finished job from the Spooler allows you to reprint additional linear meters very easily.