PrimeCenter 3.0

Caldera PrimeCenter Introduces New Onboarding and Cutting Features 

March 04, 2024

Caldera is pleased to announce the release of new features for PrimeCenter, its prepress software for digital printing and cutting.

The latest iteration introduces significant changes that pave the way for upcoming updates and developments, which will enhance the user experience and expand cutting possibilities for its users. 

What’s New in PrimeCenter 3.0?

Improved onboarding and a simpler user experience for new users are some of the key benefits of this PrimeCenter update. A brand-new homepage offers additional resources such as beginner-friendly tutorials to quickly master the basics of PrimeCenter, and how to easily prepare banner and sticker files with the software. Following these step-by-step guides enables users to learn best practices and save time and media when preparing their files for production. In addition, PrimeCenter’s general settings have been reorganized and are now accessible from the new homepage for better accessibility. 

Version 3.0 also facilitates the preparation of ready-to-cut files compatible with industrial cutting solutions. The introduction of cut driver licenses enables users to assign specific cut drivers to their software based on the cutting devices that they own. By default, a PrimeCenter license will include 2 Cut driver licenses: a Generic Cut driver family license, and a Brand Cut driver family license to use with either Zünd or Kongsberg devices. More cut drivers will continue to be added. Each license can be assigned to one type of cut driver and will enable users to use it with up to 10 cutting devices.

Isabelle Muligo, Product Manager at Caldera, says: “As more than half of our users own several types and brands of cutters, our goal is to make the software more adapted to the specific conditions of each production environment. While PrimeCenter does not operate the cut devices directly, these drivers will make it easier to prepare cut files adapted to the user’s devices. Once cut drivers are assigned, PrimeCenter will only show the adequate options for these devices, making the software more personalized to your needs. This is only a first step, as we are planning to develop other types of cut drivers to simplify the preparation of ready-to-cut files.” 

Furthermore, both Zünd Cut Center (ZCC) and Generic PDF cut drivers have been improved to enhance the user experience with these cut devices. A new option allows users to adjust cutter registration marks to the media, a particularly useful feature for high-end cutters with automatic mark detection. All these improvements offer a more tailored experience with PrimeCenter. 

In addition, aligning with the rest of the Caldera software portfolio, PrimeCenter’s entry-level subscription package has been rebranded from PrimeCenter Basic to PrimeCenter Essentials. 

Lastly, PrimeCenter 3.0 boasts numerous additional improvements and fixes, including interface changes and enhanced translations— providing enhanced user experience and software performance. To guide users through the update process, the cut driver assignation process, and through all the new changes and features introduced in PrimeCenter 3.0, Caldera has shared comprehensive documentation on its online knowledge center, Caldera HelpDesk. Following these guides will ensure a seamless transition to the latest version of the software. 

Samin Sarkar, General Manager at Caldera, says: “Caldera is committed to providing market-leading solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers. PrimeCenter 3.0 marks a significant milestone in this journey. ” 

About Caldera 
Headquartered in Strasbourg, France, Caldera is a software company developing innovative solutions for the large-format digital printing industry. Since 1991, their award-winning programs have helped print service providers to improve their productivity, cost-efficiency and color output. Caldera solutions provide advanced color management, prepress and image processing tools for the graphics, signage and textile markets.  

About PrimeCenter 
PrimeCenter is a powerful prepress solution designed to optimize job preparation for digital printing and cutting. Automating repetitive prepress tasks guarantees reduced bottlenecks, significant time and media savings— plus increased productivity, quality and consistency. For more information, please visit 

Press contact: Sebastien Hanssens, VP Marketing & Operations