X-Rite ColorMunki Design swings into action with Caldera EasyMedia

X-Rite ColorMunki Design swings into action with Caldera EasyMedia

March 29, 2017

Caldera has announced that its color calibration and profile creation wizard EasyMedia (Mac version) now supports X-Rite’s all-in-one ColorMunki Design spectrophotometer. By using this combination of technologies, even smaller print houses can reap the benefits of using coordinated color management to achieve accurate, repeatable colors, avoiding costly mistakes and, therefore, reprints.

According to Arnaud Fabre, Product Manager at Caldera: “Support for X-Rite’s established ColorMunki color measurement device has been added to address the needs of smaller and growing clients. These print houses are investing in our affordable Caldera V11 and Mac Mini bundle, and are expressing an interest in upping their game in color fidelity. As always with Caldera products, there are several price points to allow them to scale their business when they choose – which explains our support for ColorMunki.”

ColorMunki makes an excellent partner for the Caldera and Mac Mini combination, creating a robust solution for designers and printers who need great graphics performance at an introductory price. X-Rite brings its world-renowned pedigree in color management to the ColorMunki Design, which easily captures colors and calibrates monitors, printers and projectors, allowing users to standardize colors across their production cycle. When used in combination with Caldera’s EasyMedia, printers will achieve their desired colors with ease, and be able to extract a color definition from any image or surface.

In today’s high-tech print world, the expectation for accurate color reproduction is more stringent than ever. Color management is a science that can no longer be practiced by eye, and the use of ICC color profiles is almost universal. By using a spectrophotometer, printers, designers and manufacturers can generate accurate color profiles and ensure stability and accuracy of brand colors across different media and equipment. Using ColorMunki Design in concert with Caldera EasyMedia results in optimized printer profiling that gives users complete control – even with spot colors.

Fabre continues: “By using these two great products together, even the smallest of print houses can guarantee key color matches for their clients. The colors specified in the design will be identical to the colors on the final print run. It’s a pairing that brings color management within reach of printers and designers everywhere.”

The latest version of EasyMedia is now available for V11 of the Caldera RIP suite – including VisualRIP+, GrandRIP+ and TextilePRO – from all Caldera resellers.