Releasing CalderaRIP Version 16.2

Releasing CalderaRIP Version 16.2

May 09, 2023

A new update for CalderaRIP  

French software company Caldera has announced the release of the latest update to its RIP software, CalderaRIP Version 16.2. Starting from May 9, 2023, users will be able to update their RIP to access a range of new features designed to improve productivity and production quality.   

Read the complete list of new features, improvements and bug fixes on HelpDesk.

Take advantage of new features   

CalderaRIP version 16.2 offers 4 new features exclusive to CalderaCare subscribers. Click here to learn more about CalderaCare, our support and maintenance contract.    

Eliminate color measurement errors with one click using the new Auto-smoothing linearization feature in EasyMedia. This feature improves the linearization curve to eliminate measurement errors, especially when working with a high-variability printer, difficult substrates such as textiles or corrugated cardboard, or if the spectrophotometer has not been handled properly.

A RIP that adapts to your production environment   

CalderaRIP is compatible with more than 1600 models of large and grand format printers and cutters. Our RIP is a scalable solution that allows you to drive your entire fleet of machines from a single interface.   

New print drivers have been added to the ISO of version 16.2, including the following models:

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