CalderaRIP Version 16.3 & Deprecation of CostView

CalderaRIP v16.3 update & Deprecation of CostView 

September 12, 2023

Caldera has announced the release of a new update for CalderaRIP. Version 16.3 includes numerous bug fixes, new drivers for large-format print & cut peripherals— and officially marks the deprecation of the CostView module in CalderaRIP. 

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Deprecation of the CostView module in CalderaRIP  

Caldera has officially announced the deprecation of the CostView module in CalderaRIP. Starting from Version 16.3, the CostView module will no longer be maintained — which means that bugs will no longer be fixed, and we will be preparing for its definitive removal in the upcoming Version 17. 

The decision to deprecate the CostView module is due to the rise of compatibility, installation and synchronization issues that CalderaRIP users have been facing in recent years. First introduced in 2007, CostView is part of the CostEstimation optional module designed to help users measure their production-related costs. With CostView being deprecated, only the CostProof module will remain accessible from the CalderaRIP Spooler. The CostProof module helps users to calculate their ink and media costs.  

Users can continue using CostView as long as they are using CalderaRIP Version 16 or any earlier version of the software. The CostView module will disappear permanently in Version 17. You will be able to keep using the module as long as you do not upgrade your software. 

However, we strongly recommend users to update their RIP to the latest version to benefit from the best possible performance. To replace CostView, Caldera is dedicating development and support resources to a new, more efficient alternative that will be introduced in the coming months. More advanced and flexible, this upcoming solution will allow integration with third-party tools to measure, export and analyze production cost data. It will open new possibilities to master production costs and stay competitive. 

We want to help you navigate these changes as smoothly as possible. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 

What’s new in CalderaRIP v16.3 

Version 16.3 includes numerous bug fixes, and a wide range of new drivers for large format print & cut peripherals. Discover the complete list of improvements below.