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Caldera Headquarters in Strasbourg, FranceWho is Caldera?

Since 1991, Caldera has been developing high-quality software for empowering the digital print & cut industry serving the graphics and textile markets 

Headquartered in Strasbourg, France, we also have staff in China, Italy and the United States.  

Since 2017, we have joined Dover Digital Printing, a branch of the Dover Group in order to reinforce our worldwide leadership. 

We help our customers improve the efficiency of their printing production workflow with advanced prepress optimization, image processing and color management tools. Caldera’s main asset is our ability to scale up production by distributing capabilities on high demanding platforms on macOS and GNU/Linux operating systems. 



Why choose Caldera?

Caldera workflow

Caldera is the pioneer in Client/Server architecture, capable of driving a large fleet of printers and cutters from fewer operator workstations 

This production configuration increases reliability, performance and user-friendlinessA single main RIP license can be shared with all the computers in your network (Mac & Linux). A Client computer can be set up to request different devices in your network to compute jobs, while a Server computer executes the requests.

Schema of Caldera Client-Server Architecture

Need to scale up your production? 

You can add as many Clients and Servers as you need in order to drive an unlimited number of devices and push your production to the next level.

Grand software for grand printers

Innovation and customer focus are deeply embedded into our core values. Since the launch of our very first software release, our team has been committed to the development of innovativeresult-driven solutions to improve our customers’ workflow and productivity. 

Our award-winning products come with intuitive, user-friendly interfaces and are well-known for their quality, efficiency and reliability. 



Print Software Driven by Innovation


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