Releasing PrimeCenter 2.5

Releasing PrimeCenter 2.5

July 05, 2023

Discover PrimeCenter 2.5

Caldera has announced the release of a new update for PrimeCenter, its job preparation and nesting software. Starting July 5, 2023, all PrimeCenter users will be able to update their software to benefit from the new improvements. 

Already using PrimeCenter? Get the update directly from the software settings! 

Inspect your layouts before production 

PrimeCenter 2.5 introduces the possibility to export PDF reports of your layouts to facilitate inspection before production.

PDF reports include the images, number of copies, media, size, and various metadata to help users save time identifying and tracking jobs. 

PDF reports can be generated manually or automatically based on the user’s needs. 

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Automate file input from web shops more easily 

PrimeCenter users can use HTTP links as input file paths in their XML job tickets. This improvement facilitates image import from a webshop to PrimeCenter, and enhances the software’s automation capabilities. 

Users can easily load distant image files in PrimeCenter without having to use local filepaths. 

Benefit from increased performance 

PrimeCenter 2.5 also includes several improvements to facilitate file preparation for digital printing and cutting.  

And more!

Read the What’s New and the complete changelog on HelpDesk to see the new features and improvements. 

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