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Digital inkjet printing is a modern method using inkjet technology to reproduce digital images onto various substrates, such as paper, textile fabrics, vinyl, ceramics, wood, glass, metal and more. It offers versatility, high-quality output, and the ability to handle variable data and customization.  

For over 30 years, Caldera solutions allow printing professionals to drive their large-format production and ensure high-quality results. 


Caldera offers efficient solutions for a wide range of printing applications, including signs, fashion, fine arts, point-of-sales, labels, packaging, home and retail decoration, vehicle wrapping or consumer goods.

Smart solutions for print service professionals   

Caldera empowers digital printing professionals serving the sign, graphics and textile markets. Our powerful solutions boost their productivity, cost-effectiveness and color output.

Caldera solutions can be used by: 

✓ Production managers 
✓ Print operators  
✓ Prepress operators  
✓ Finishing operators  

Choose Caldera for your printing operations 

Whether you are operating in a low-volume, mid-volume or high-volume production environment, Caldera provides prepress & RIP solutions with all the tools you need to perform at your best. 

Drive your fleet from an intuitive interface
Achieve consistent colors across all media & printers
Save time, reduce errors and optimize media usage

Why printing professionals love Caldera

Regarding the finished product on the print side, color and repeatability are paramount, and this is where Caldera comes in. Although Caldera is performing well, we are always looking to extract the most benefit from the software, so it’s a work in progress – and as we add new products and new customers, the software is growing with us.
Steve Grundner Steve Grundner Vice-President & General Manager, Tectonics
Communicating our story requires a lot of printing in all our stores, with constantly changing point-of-sale advertising material. Our advertising and in-store communication can change on a daily basis, and Caldera allows us to respond quickly to the demands of the business. We need Caldera for its quality – it provides us with a finished product that is impeccable.
Thierry Veil Thierry Veil Founder & CEO, Bagelstein
We’ve been using Caldera RIP software for about 10 to 15 years, and we’re very happy with the customizability it offers. Our operators are constantly changing their preferences in color management and Caldera caters to this. It allows us to achieve color consistency over both locations, which is very important to us. Caldera allows us to keep our offerings at a consistently high quality.
Kyle Niner Kyle Niner Jersey City General Manager, CGS

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