Caldera Partner Portal

Launching the Caldera Partner Portal 

July 04, 2024

Caldera has announced the launch of an online resource platform for their partners and resellers. The Partner Portal has been designed exclusively for Caldera’s valued partners and resellers, providing a centralized location for all the tools, information and resources they need to successfully promote Caldera products. 

What is the Partner Portal?

The Partner Portal is a comprehensive, easy-to-navigate platform where Caldera partners can access a plethora of resources to promote Caldera solutions.

Whether they’re looking for product information, sales and marketing materials, sales training or answers to frequently asked questions, Caldera partners will find everything they need in one convenient place. 

Caldera Partner Portal

Sebastien Hanssens, VP Marketing at Caldera, says “We understand the importance of having quick and easy access to essential resources. Our goal was to make our partners’ lives easier by providing them with all the tools they might need to support their customers and grow their business with us. This platform is a testament to our commitment to fostering a strong, collaborative partnership with all our partners.” 

What’s included in the Partner Portal?

The partner portal features several resources to help Caldera partners:

Sebastien Hanssens continues “We are incredibly excited about the launch of the Partner Portal and the positive impact it will have on our partners. We value their feedback and look forward to continuously improving this platform with new resources to better serve their needs.” 

How to access the Partner Portal

The content is strictly reserved for Caldera partners with a valid Caldera WorkSpace account. The Caldera Partner Portal can be easily accessed by clicking here. Direct links are available on the official Caldera website and on the online customer portal, Caldera WorkSpace.