Release of CalderaDock 3.0 to improve the management of Caldera software & licenses

Introducing CalderaDock 3.0— A major leap in user experience & efficiency 

September 04, 2023

CalderaDock, the versatile software management tool from Caldera, has just taken a giant leap forward with its latest update, version 3.0. This update brings a plethora of exciting improvements designed to enhance the user experience and streamline software & license management. 

Arnaud Fabre, Product Manager at Caldera, says: “CalderaDock 3.0 marks a significant milestone for Caldera’s software management, with a user centric approach that empowers our users in their daily operations. As Caldera’s ecosystem continues to evolve, CalderaDock remains at the forefront and continuously adapts to our user’s need. It reflects our commitment to innovation and greater user satisfaction.” 

In this article, we will dive into the key aspects of CalderaDock 3.0 and how it grants users greater control over their software and license management. 

Providing unified software management  

CalderaDock is the key app for users to manage the licenses and installation of their Caldera software. Version 3.0 takes a big leap forward in providing users with a unified experience to facilitate all their software and license management. 

Introducing a new Home tab 

Designed with a keen focus on simplicity and usability, CalderaDock’s new Homepage showcases only the software, applications and utilities already installed on the user’s workstation. This approach is complemented by a section with Caldera’s latest news articles, keeping users informed of recent information, updates and developments.

CalderaDock new homepage to manage Caldera software
Improvements to the Applications tab 

CalderaDock’s Applications tab has been simplified to help users effortlessly identify which software, applications and utilities are already installed on their workstation— and whether they are up to date or not. If a newer version is available, the user can access the complete changelog to discover what’s new and launch the update. This improvement makes it easier to ensure that all Caldera tools are up to date. 

Improvements to the Drivers tab 

Aside from software and license management, CalderaDock also serves as the access point to download all the drivers required to drive large-format print and cut peripherals with Caldera solutions. With version 3.0, CalderaDock has been granted a cleaner interface, which showcases only the driver versions compatible with the software version currently installed on the workstation. However, all driver versions remain accessible at the click of a button, listed from newest to oldest. This addition allows the users to easily update their installed drivers to ensure the best performance. 

Install CalderaRIP directly from CalderaDock 

CalderaRIP software can now be installed directly from the Applications tab to save time. This addition eliminates the need to navigate multiple platforms and facilitates the software installation process of Caldera’s market-leading RIP solution. 

Delivering effortless license management 

Software license management receives a significant boost in CalderaDock 3.0. Caldera software licenses are now automatically updated through the app, removing the need for manual interventions and preventing unwanted downtimes and interruptions. Automated license update via CalderaDock is convenient for customers with separated license servers. Furthermore, users have the option to manually refresh their licenses, providing an additional layer of control. 

To support easier license management, CalderaDock now indicates the status of Gemalto Sentinel, Caldera’s online license management service. If Sentinel is no longer up to date, users are provided with the direct link to complete the update, resulting in smoother operations and removing the need for technical assistance. 

Preparing the grounds for Caldera’s new sign-in system 

Starting from August 29th, 2023, Caldera will be deploying a new sign-in system to provide increased security and a better user experience. This process supports Caldera’s digital transformation and prepares for the arrival of new services for our customers. With this updated sign-in system, all users will be able to access Caldera services using a single account (username and password). Caldera services include WorkSpace, HelpDesk, CalderaDock and a range of new services that will be available in the coming months. 

CalderaDock 3.0 sets the stage for the deployment of the Caldera Single Sign-On (SSO) integration, allowing users to access their account directly from the application. 

Please refer to our previous article for more information: Important Notice about Caldera WorkSpace accounts. 

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