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Automate your print-to-cut workflow

Automation refers to the use of technology and software solutions to streamline and optimize various aspects of the print & cut process. It can be applied to several stages of the digital printing workflow— file preparation, preflighting, job submission and priorization, printing and finishing. By automating their digital printing workflow, businesses can reduce their production costs and achieve faster turnaround times, allowing them to be more competitive.

Caldera solutions for automation

All Caldera solutions can be automated to create seamless print-to-cut workflows.

Automate repetitive tasks 
Reduce manual errors 
Faster turnaround times 

Automate the preparation of print & cut files with PrimeCenter

Connect PrimeCenter to a webshop, MIS/ERP and RIP software to create a seamless workflow from the prepress stage.

PrimeCenter is available in 3 subscription plans depending on the automation level that you need. With PrimeCenter Max, you can create custom recipes to automate file import, file preparation (nesting, preflight, print bleed, grommets, cut marks, annotations…) and file export to production.

Automate job submission & processing

Our award-winning software CalderaRIP is compatible with over 1600 large-format print & cut peripherals from different manufacturers.

Using presets and hotfolders, users can automate file import & processing for a seamless production. All the jobs on the production fleet can be monitored and managed from one single interface.

Automate ripping and printing, speed up your production and reduce manual errors across your production.

Why printing professionals love Caldera

Our customers love PrimeCenter— it’s the missing piece between our prepress workflow solutions and their RIP, and the ideal tool to automatically optimize nesting while preparing cutting operations. Powerful, fast and customizable, PrimeCenter is perfect for digital printers who wish to optimize their media usage. 
Hervé Schwertz Hervé Schwertz Co-Manager & Sales Director, Pixel Tech
Having a single RIP driving our operation and interacting without problems with our workflow means that we’ve cut costs across the board. Caldera’s partner strategy means that new drivers and modules are in continuous development, so we are certain we’ve got a software backbone that is ready for whatever is thrown at us on a given day.
William Lambrecht William Lambrecht Visix, Belgium
Caldera is perfect in workflow, ripping, printing, cutting and packaging. I have worked with Caldera software for over ten years now, and there’s never been an end to learning what the software is capable of.
Daniel Oschatz Daniel Oschatz Co-CEO, Oschatz Visuelle Median

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