Print high-quality graphics on vinyl substrates


Manage vinyl printing with Caldera 

Print high-quality graphics on vinyl materials 

Vinyl printing is a popular method of creating high-quality, durable and versatile printed graphics on vinyl materials.

 Vinyl printing has gained popularity in the advertising, signage, and marketing industries due to its versatility, durability, and vibrant printing capabilities. The adhesive-backing of vinyl allows for easy application and adherence to various substrates, including walls, windows, vehicles, floors, signage, and more. 

Caldera solutions for vinyl printing and wrapping

Key benefits of vinyl printing  


Vinyl graphics are highly durable and resistant to fading, scratching and weathering. They withstand outdoor conditions and exposure to UV rays, making them suitable for long-term applications. 


Vinyl printing is used for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications, including vehicle wraps, window graphics, wall decals, floor graphics, signage, banners and promotional displays.


Vinyl printing is a cost-effective solution for large-format prints, especially compared to other traditional printing methods such as screen printing. It offers excellent value for money without compromising quality. 


Depending on the type of vinyl used, graphics can be easily removed without damaging the underlying surface, making it possible to reposition or update graphics as needed. 

Challenges of vinyl printing 

Various types of vinyl materials are available for printing, each with specific levels of permanence or repositionability. Common options include calendared vinyl (suitable for short-term applications) or cast vinyl (ideal for long-term projects or curved surfaces).

The main difficulty of wrapping projects is successfully managing the installation of the graphic onto the substrate. Proper surface preparation and installation techniques are crucial to ensure a smooth and professional-looking result. 

Vehicle wrapping

Manage your wrapping projects with Caldera

When it comes to preparing your graphics at the software level, CalderaRIP includes the most advanced Tiling tool on the market. Its ease of use, flexibility and ability to automate recurring jobs makes it a comprehensive solution for all wrapping projects.

tramway wrapping

Use Tiling+ for your wrapping projets

✓ Produce extra-large images & format them to your media 

✓ Divide images to create wallpapers, canvas or covering designs 

✓ Manage overlaps, grommets and gaps in a few clicks

✓ Save your jobs into templates to automate recurring jobs

✓ Get assembly guides to save time on the installation site 

✓ Achieve accurate cutting & trimming around your designs 

Automate job preparation with PrimeCenter

✓ Check & correct your files

✓ Nest & sort files according to specific metadata

✓ Add cut marks and annotations

✓ Export ready-to-print & ready-to-cut layouts

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