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Soft signage involves printing graphics onto flexible materials and fabrics, instead of rigid signage solutions like plastic, metal or wood.

Soft signage has gained popularity due to its versatility, visual appeal and ease of use. It is commonly used in retail stores, trade shows, events, exhibitions and interior spaces as it offers a great potential for branding and visual communication. Logos, slogans and promotional messages can be prominently displayed on fabric, reinforcing brand identity and awareness.  

Soft signage solutions include banners, flags, beach flags, backdrops, tension fabric displays, hanging signs, roll-ups or table covers.

Key benefits of soft signage  


Due to the lightweight, foldable nature of the substrate, soft signage can be easily transported, stored and set up in different locations, making it convenient for businesses and events that require frequent changes and relocations.  


Soft signage provides vibrant, eye-catching displays. The fabric material allows for high-resolution printing, vivid colors and detailed graphics to attract the visitor’s or customer’s attention.  


Soft signage can be customized in various shapes and sizes, allowing for creative and unique designs. It is used for a wide range of applications, including banners, flags, backdrops, tension fabric displays, hanging signs, roll-ups, table covers, and more.  


Soft signage is often made from durable materials that are resistant to wear, tear and fading. Soft signage fabric is often treated for UV resistance and flame retardancy, making it suitable for long-term use throughout multiple occasions.   

Key challenges of soft signage printing 

Digital printing brought more small runs at affordable prices. Whether you are a small or large print manufacturer, being able to produce while looking for new customers is key to stay profitable and tackle new markets.

The main challenges of soft signage printing are:

  • Achieving precise colors
  • Ensuring the design will not be distorted on the fabric
  • Running an cost-efficient production
Print high-quality graphics on soft materials with Caldera

Print soft signage with Caldera

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