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Visual communication is one of the most powerful means by which businesses communicate and connect with their customers. It plays a crucial role in marketing, advertising, publishing or packaging. Using images, graphics, typography and colors helps businesses to grab attention, convey emotions and deliver information in a visually appealing and engaging manner.  

Signs and digital graphics include a wide range of applications, such as banners, signs, posters, stickers, roll-ups, point-of-sale displays, backlit designs, advertising arches, and more.

Print signs and digital graphics with Caldera

Challenges of printing visual communication

Digital printing brought more small runs at affordable prices. Whether you are a small or large print manufacturer, being able to produce while looking for new customers is key to stay profitable and tackle new markets. 


Ensuring accurate color reproduction is challenging because different printing devices, inks and paper types can cause variations in color output. Printer calibration and profiling are key to maintain color consistency. 


Visual communication involves multiple steps, including design preparation, proofing, production and finishing. Meeting tight deadlines while maintaining quality can be challenging for print businesses. 


Printing large-scale or high-volume projects can be expensive— factors like the cost of ink, paper and dedicated equipment should be considered when planning a printing job. 

Print visual communication with Caldera 

Whether you need to improve your color rendering, optimize file preparation or organize your production, Caldera offers the tools you need to perform at your best.

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