Educative webinars for digital printing applications 

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PrintLab is a series of educative webinars dedicated to digital printing applications. Developed in collaboration with our partners, PrintLab aims to provide high-quality educational content to help print professionals in their day-to-day operations.  

Each episode premieres with a live Q&A hosted by our experts. 

Want us to address a specific topic or application in the future? Let us know here! 

PrintLab #1

Backlit printing

In this episode, Arnaud Fabre (Caldera) and Viktor Lazzeri (Barbieri electronic) discuss backlit printing and give useful tips on how to improve file preparation and color rendering. 

The replay is available on our YouTube channel. 

PrintLab #2

Point-of-sale applications

Want to improve your production of banners, roll-ups, posters and flags? In this episode, we show you how to prepare your files and match colors on different media & printing technologies.  

The replay is available on our YouTube channel. 


Learn more about how Caldera products can help you with common digital printing applications. 

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