CalderaRIP for EPSON SureColor SC-S Series

Epson x Caldera

Epson x Caldera, the perfect match

Caldera are proud to be selected as one of very few RIP solutions recommended by one of the most recognized high-quality large format printer manufacturers. This selection offers confidence that CalderaRIP solutions continue to exceed EPSON and customers expectations. Offering complete solutions with state of the art, color & spot color management, print & cut, and ripping technology Caldera users will be maximizing their investment with EPSON.

Ideal to maximize the ROI of your EPSON equipment


EPSON SC-S Series Printers

Caldera SignRIP EPSON Edition Logo

Caldera introduces a simple yet powerful RIP for EPSON SureColor SC-S Series

Caldera SignRIP EPSON Edition is an easy to use desktop RIP solution that delivers all the features you need to print professionally. Discover Caldera’s intuitive interface and super fast preview features. Caldera SignRIP EPSON Edition enables you to quickly crop, rotate, resize and color enhance the document before printing. Whether used for processing PostScript, PDF or raster files, Caldera SignRIP EPSON Edition delivers high-quality output with its powerful ICC compliant RIP engine.



Cut modules for a complete production flow

Caldera CutServer guarantees you a unified print-to-cut workflow, automatic setting of cutting marks, managing multiple contours in a single file, the possibility of adding additional positioning marks, and the possibility to minimize wastage and enhance cutting accuracy.

Spot Colors

Print the exact color

Spot Colors process is used for mapping colors embedded in a file with special color value to be printed (Pantone, L*a*b, etc.). This feature allows you to print constant outputs.

White & Metallic Ink

Simultaneously supporting white and metallic ink

In addition to CMYK, White and Metallic inks are supported. It allows printers professionals to offer even more possibilities to their customers.


Compose module is especially useful when it comes to page layout, including the possibility of placing several images on the same page, through the use of blocks and templates.


Nest-O–Matik nests several images with different sizes.

Only one click and the nesting is done and displayed in the Spooler. The document is recomputed each time you send a new batch of images. This module allows you to save as much media as possible.


Detailed View

Save time by managing a clean view of your past jobs while keeping track of production with a new, faster search engine and detailed job view.

Spot Colors
Color Corrections
Metallic management
White ink
Color mapping

Spot Colors process is used for mapping colors embedded in a file with special color value to be printed (Pantone, L*a*b, etc.). This feature allows you to print constant outputs.

Spot Colors in CalderaRIP

Manual preparation of sheets or roll chunks
  • Manual and automatic rectangular Nesting
  • Powerful Templating system

Compose in CalderaRIP

Easy automatic job nesting to avoid paper waste
  • Just drag your file to the printer module and select Nest as the action
  • Possibility to customize the print trigger parameters (covering %, minimal/maximal print length…)

Nest-O-Matik in CalderaRIP

  • Easily add crop marks to your jobs
  • Specify Annotations and job information

Add marks in CalderaRIP

Easily add grommets to your jobs from the print module
  • Precise positioning
  • Choose the shape, position, number and contour depending on your needs

Add grommets in CalderaRIP software

Allows correcting the colors of a job while printing, i.e. without retouching the original file

Color correction in CalderaRIP software

Metallic management in CalderaRIP software

White ink in CalderaRIP software

Do you want more?

Caldera VisualRIP+ logo

The comprehensive workflow solution for large-format production

With a host of sophisticated features and intuitive GUI, VisualRIP+ facilitates complex, multi-device workflows for more effective large-format print and print-to-cut production. Utilizing a powerful ICC color calibration engine and a range of optional modules, this is the ideal RIP solution for growing businesses.


APPE 5.0

APPE 5 raises the bar on both workflow flexibility and reproduction reliability, driving high-performance, PDF-native rendering for the full range of job types, from simple to more sophisticated. It also integrates end-to-end print workflows built with Adobe applications such as InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat.

Pattern Repetition

Creating repeatable, aligned patterns is child’s play with VisualRIP+. Useful for wallpaper application too.

Color Management

With powerful ICC colour calibration engine and spot color matching for accurate colour reproduction across multiple devices.


This module allows you to work with very large images, in that it provides you with tools to print them in the form of several tiles.

High Dynamic Linearization

Caldera High Dynamic Linearization increases linearization accuracy by 10 percent in difficult conditions.

and a lot more!

Check out the full list features on the datasheet hereunder.

Download VisualRIP+ datasheet

Comparison table

Caldera SignRIP – EPSON Edition /vs/ Caldera VisualRIP+

Caldera SignRIP
Epson Edition
Caldera VisualRIP+
PDF GhostScript Adobe PDF Print Engine 5.1
User 1 1
Spot Colors
Tiling tool
Base Automation

Why choose Caldera?

Our core technology

Caldera is the pioneer in Client/Server architecture allowing a large fleet of printers and cutters to be run from a few operator workstations. This production configuration increases reliability, performance and user-friendliness. Purchase one main RIP license and share it with all computers (Mac and Linux) in your network.

A Client computer requests different devices in your network to compute jobs, while a Server computer executes the requests. You can add as many Clients and Servers as you need to drive an unlimited number of devices.

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