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Each version of our market-leading RIP software embeds a range of powerful features designed to streamline your daily operations. To benefit from the latest features and enhancements, we strongly recommend you upgrade to the latest version. Contact us for more information.

Some of the features listed below are only accessible for users with an active subscription to CalderaCare, our Support and Maintenance solution. Discover all the CalderaCare benefits here.

CalderaRIP features

: indicates the feature is included in the basic RIP package (without CalderaCare).
CalderaCare: indicates the feature is only accessible for customers with an active CalderaCare subscription.
CalderaCare*: this feature was added to CalderaCare with the latest build release for this Version.


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Feature V12 V13 V14 V14.1 V15 V16
Adobe PDF Print Engine APPE5 APPE5 APPE5.5 APPE5.5 APPE5.5 APPE6
CalderaJobs – Job Archiving CalderaCare
CxF/4 CalderaCare
CalderaJobs – Nesting Content View CalderaCare
Double-Sided Printing CalderaCare
Fotoba ASP
requires Trim-O-Matik
CalderaCare CalderaCare CalderaCare
Wide Contour Offset CalderaCare
Preview CalderaCare*
White Under Marks CalderaCare*
TileOrder From Bottom-Right CalderaCare*
New Pantone FHI Spot Colors CalderaCare*
CalderaJobs Filter by Date CalderaCare
SmartImport CalderaCare CalderaCare CalderaCare CalderaCare
SmartImport in Compose CalderaCare* CalderaCare CalderaCare
SmartImport Scale, Width, and Height CalderaCare CalderaCare
PrintProof CalderaCare CalderaCare
DeltaE CalderaCare

Special Edition and OEM package contents may vary.



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