The Support and Maintenance Solution

What is CalderaCare?

CalderaCare CalderaRIP software

CalderaCare is the support and maintenance solution for your Caldera RIP software, that keeps your production up and running when you need it the most. Whatever the issue, our team of technical experts aron hand – and a subscription to CalderaCare also ensures all your software products are kept up to date with the latest versions and enhancements. 

Discover all the included benefits of a CalderaCare subscription below!  

What is included in CalderaCare?

CalderaCare gives you the assurance of timely support when you encounter technical issues. It also comes with a range of additional user benefits to optimize your workflow and user experience. 

Get fast premium support

When you register a support request, the priority and response times are in accordance with specified guidelines. CalderaCare is your direct contact route to our Caldera experts!

Always stay up to date

Caldera software products covered by CalderaCare are regularly updated with new features to enhance your user experience, including major upgrades to new versions. 

Run an optimal production

Your access to future Caldera upgrades and version releases ensures you are running an optimal production with our latest features and technologies. 

Unlimited access to our online training catalog

Access our full online training catalog for free and benefit from fast, effective training on Caldera modules.

Driver Swaps

‘Large’ format driver switches included and ‘Grand’ format driver switches available for a reduced fee.


      • CalderaCare offers remotely managed operator assistance: let our experts take control of your workstation to resolve issues faster. 
      • Consolidate all your software in one license, so one CalderaCare subscription can support a multi-printer site. 
      • CalderaCare grants access to our Customer Portal on WorkSpace for better issue trackingand to our library of print profiles 
      • Access exclusive features directly in CalderaRIP software.



Access exclusive CalderaRIP features

When subscribing to CalderaCare, benefit from the latest exclusive features directly in your CalderaRIP software. For CalderaRIP Version 14the following features are available to optimize your production: 

PrintProof CalderaJobs – Filter by Date


Speed up job submission

Available both manually in Fileman and in combination with the Smart Hotfolders feature, SmartImport extracts meta-data from the filename, (number of copies, targeted printer, driver parameters or presets) to speed up job submission. It also automatically loads the scale, height and width settings to reduce human errors.

Exclusive CalderaCare feature


Automate your customer approval workflow

Improve your validation workflow by exporting a TIFF proof of your jobs after the ripping process. These proofs can be used for final approval from their customers before production to avoid unwanted media and ink waste.

Exclusive CalderaCare feature

Filter by Date

Quickly find any job to reprint or archive in CalderaJobs

Instead of the Caldera Spooler, work directly from CalderaJobs and benefit from an improved interface to easily find, archive, delete or print any job. To go faster, all your jobs can also be filtered by date, and if needed, you can also archive a specific day, week or month of your production just as easily.

Exclusive CalderaCare feature



Learn more about CalderaRIP Version 15



When you need expert support

With a CalderaCare customer service contract, peace of mind is included in the price. It is your guarantee of timely intervention by our team of software experts, with response guidelines in place from the moment you raise a ticket. Depending upon the severity of the issue, customers are offered options to register the request as critical, major or minor:

  • Critical – 2h response time – if your production is blocked and there’s no existing solution or workaround to your knowledge
  • Major – 4h response time – production is still possible but not as efficiently as usual and, while a solution may exist, it’s not obvious to find or apply
  • Minor – 8h response time – when production isn’t significantly impacted, but you have an issue that needs  a Caldera support solution

Please note that response times are counted from the creation of the support ticket during the published CalderaCare working hours for your region. 

Summary of CalderaCare content

Without CalderaCare CalderaCare
Targeted response time Critical 2h | Major 4h | Minor 8h
Customer portal*
Remote control
Exclusive features
Caldera trainings Requires pre-payment Unlimited access to our live webinars
Major upgrades
Drivers swaps Not available Large” Driver swap – included
Grand” Driver swap – available for a reduced fee

The Customer Portal can be accessed via Workspace.


Focus on your production, leave the support and maintenance to us. 

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