Still Using V9?

Check‑out what features you’re missing!

If you are still using Version 9, you are missing out on the many new features designed to help Caldera users gain in productivity, save time and increase their profitability.



CalderaRIP V12 harnesses the full power of APPE 5 to create even smoother shades and smoother gradients than previous versions, improve layer management and extend spot color handling.




CalderaDock is a new, highly intuitive, user-friendly application that can be launched from within the RIP to access Caldera websites, tools and applications.



Digital Licences

Digital Licences is a new flexible licensing system that, via the Caldera Workspace interface, gives access to new products and features faster and more easily. It allows users to digitally migrate licenses onto other sites and computer stations

Caldera License management WorkSpace


Optimized Repetition

Advanced Step&Repeat features include the ability to specify the dimensions of the page sheet for optimized repetitions and allows the nesting of blocks of images created with Step&Repeat.

Step&Repeat in CalderaRIP software


Bleed Management

PrintBleed’s pixel cloning and contour duplication technology expands print areas by replicating pixels for adhesive and canvas applications.

Print Bleed in CalderaRIP software


Advanced Tiling Capabilities

Tiling+ now gives you the ability to merge/split/disable tiles to create non-uniform tile shapes.

Tiling in CalderaRIP software


QR Code Addition

QR Codes can be added at the end of the job with tags.

QR codes in CalderaRIP software


Simplified Grommet Addition

Version 12 users can add grommets directly from the Print Module.

Add grommets in CalderaRIP software


Automatic Notifications

Online notifications tells the user when an update or driver release is available.

Notifications in CalderaRIP software


Printing Presets

QuickPrint enables you to use the printing presets as simple workflows.

Printing presets in CalderaRIP software


New Included Options

Contour Nesting and Tex&Repeat are now included as RIP features.

Contour Nesting in CalderaRIP software

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