SportsFactory Solution

A comprehensive and E2E Web-to-Workflow solution

What is SportsFactory?

Caldera’s new SportsFactory Solution initiative offers bespoke workflow building to help you create your ideal E2E digital workflow. Based on our successful SportsFactory project which debuted at FESPA 2018, this tailored approach offers a range of project management services that work towards the creation of a smooth interface between brand e-commerce sites and print producers.


The SportsFactory Solution has been designed in response to an increasing number of clients looking for micro-factory specifications, RIP and workflow solutions, expanded automation, textile ecosystem E2E, project management and color management solutions.

In collaboration with its Dover Digital Printing partners and strategic providers, Caldera has developed the SportsFactory Solution to deliver:

  • Project Assessment and Project Scoping
  • Inventory of Deliverables
  • Planning
  • Budgeting


Working together with strategic partners, Caldera will implement standardized digital printing set-ups tailored to provide deliver color management, workflow and bi-directional business data between brands and in-house or external print contractors.

A typical SportsFactory Solution might feature:

  • E-commerce storefront
  • Micro-factory assessment
  • Project management
  • Product configurator
  • Print file creation and transfer
  • RIP software
  • Workflow solutions
  • Integration services
  • Color management

How SportsFactory workflows works?

SportsFactory workflow solutions will use APIs to build smooth connections between web applications and RIP programs, utilizing Caldera’s StreamLive SaaS application for:

  • Job management
  • Tracking
  • Production agenda

One of the advantages of a SportsFactory workflow solution is that it can be up-scaled to incorporate either multiple suppliers for a single website or brand, or multiple brands and websites linking to a single print producer.

This allows each SportsFactory customer to build their ideal framework for E2E digital workflows, depending upon their own business model.

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