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Smarter digital printing & cutting

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Benefit from smarter tools to automate digital printing & cutting

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CalderaRIP & Adobe PDF Print Engine

Powered by Adobe PDF Print Engine 6

Benefit from the best PDF engine

The latest version of Adobe PDF Print Engine guarantees you always print the rendering expected by the designer.

→ Manage extended color gamuts
→ Print accurate brand colors
→ Better support of varnish & foils
→ More performance, predictability & consistency








Stamp FOGRA standard in CalderaRIP Caldera CutModule Logo Orange

Improve your color accuracy

Use the latest FOGRA standards directly in CalderaRIP

Perform conformity checks before printing to reduce waste & achieve high-quality results for your customers. Available in PrintStandardVerifier.



Achieve higher cutting precision

Save time synchronizing cut methods & materials in GrandCut

Use the new Editor interface in GrandCut to create, edit and select materials. Associate methods and materials to increase the precision of your large-format cutting devices.



Caldera guarantees reliability & top performance

We were the first RIP solution to partner with Adobe in order to deliver the best PDF Print Engine to the large-format printing industry, and we are now the first to deliver its 6th version with all its enhancements. CalderaRIP keeps improving with state-of-the-art technologies ensuring reliability & top performance for all our users. We are also proud to continue having Pantone Libraries in our solutions to help our customers deliver outstanding results. Caldera users can trust our solutions to deliver what’s best for them— and to address the new challenges of our industry.

Arnaud Fabre, Head of Product at Caldera




CalderaDock screenshot

It all starts with CalderaDock

Save time with the new licensing experience

CalderaDock 2.0 becomes the central application to register and manage the licenses of all your Caldera solutions. When registering a new license, the validation process is now fully automated to ease the installation.

Login to HelpDesk to read more about the new license registration process.

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For smarter printing & cutting

New features available for all users

PDF MultiPage & Cut
Image Step&Repeat
GrandCut Editor
Force 180 degrees
Printer S&R
VisualCut Multi-pass

PDF MultiPage&CutPDF MultiPage&Cut

Process multi-page PDF files

Have several projects with different cut contours? Group them into multi-page PDF files and submit them to CalderaRIP. Handling fewer files guarantees a more efficient workflow.

Image Step&RepeatImage Step&Repeat

Streamline your cutting process

When preparing your jobs, CalderaRIP builds the rows by grouping the shapes by images. This helps the head of your cutting device to follow an optimized cut path without unnecessary back and forth.

GrandCut Editor  

GrandCut Editor screenshot

Achieve higher cutting precision

Benefit from the newly added section to create, edit and select materials, and to associate methods to the materials. This new interface will ease and speed up the process in order to achieve higher cutting precision for your large format cutting devices.

Force 180 degrees in CalderaRIPForce 180 degrees

Save time in sublimation & lamination workflows

Rotate your jobs by 180 degrees in VisualCut or GrandCut to streamline 2-step workflows such as sublimation and lamination— and have ready-to-cut jobs right after printing.

Printer S&R in CalderaRIPPrinter Step&Repeat

Save time ripping repeated patterns

Accelerate the ripping process of repeated patterns by choosing between the RIP’s Step&Repeat optimization, or the new Printer S&R option.

*Currently available for Reggiani Renoir, EFI COLORS-340 & POWER-340, Kornit Allegro, and all MS printers. See the updated list of printers supporting the “Use Printer S&R” option on

VisualCut Multi-passVisualCut Multipass

Increase cutting precision on thicker materials

Instead of re-cutting the same job multiple times, define a number of Passes in VisualCut to save time, and achieve higher cutting precision on thicker materials.



And more!

Version 16 includes all the features of the previous versions of CalderaRIP. 

Discover Version 15 features




Go further with CalderaCare

Users with an active subscription to our CalderaCare maintenance contract benefit from additional, exclusive features in CalderaRIP.

DeltaE formula selection
Linearization Auto-smoothing
Pantone Formula Guide
Cut around bleed
Duplicate hotfolders

SmartImport in CalderaRIP


Save time & avoid manual errors with metadata

SmartImport automatically extracts metadata from the filename to automate job submission.

Examples of metadata:

  • number of copies
  • targeted printer
  • presets
  • height
  • width
  • scale

PrintProof option in CalderaRIPPrintProof

Improve your customer validation workflow

Export TIFF proofs of your jobs after ripping and send them to your customers to avoid unwanted waste.

DeltaE formula selection


Achieve more accurate colors

Users can choose the formula to measure the distance between colors in the EasyMedia module. This new color management option helps to achieve more accurate colors for all types of substrates.

Read our dedicated article on HelpDesk for more information.

New in Version 16.1.0

Linearization Auto-smoothing

Eliminate color measurement inaccuracies in one click.

In EasyMedia, you can enabLinearization auto-smoothing in Caldera EasyMediale the Auto-smoothing option to improve the linearization curve and eliminate color measurement inaccuracies.

This color management feature comes handy when you’re working on a printer with a large variability, with difficult media such as textile or corrugated— or if the spectrophotometer has not been handled properly.

New in Version 16.2.0

Pantone Formula GuidePantone Formula Guide in CalderaRIP

Print precise brand colors with the latest PANTONE

Access the latest PANTONE Solid Coated V5 and Solid Uncoated V5 colors directly in CalderaRIP to match precise brand colors in your daily operations.

New in Version 16.2.0

Cut around bleed

Cut around bleed

Save time designing your canvas

When producing Canvas, use the new Cut around bleed feature to automatically generate a cut contour around the bleed of the canvas.

New in Version 16.2.0

Duplicate hotfolders

Duplicate hotfolders

Save time configuring new hotfolders to automate your workflow

In the Hotfolders settings, duplicate existing hotfolders with the same printing parameters, and configure it with a different folder path to create small variations of your flow in just a few clicks— and enhance automation possibilities.

New in Version 16.2.0



New OS Support & Drivers

Compatible with more than 1,600 devices from major manufacturers, Caldera is a comprehensive solution that can be integrated in any wide-format Print & Cut production environment. Check whether your printers & cutters are supported by the Caldera solutions.

50+ drivers iMac with macOS Ventura screen

More than 50 new print & cut drivers included in the V16 ISO



Official support of macOS Ventura



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