Version 15

Another step toward automation

Introducing CalderaRIP Version 15

To celebrate Caldera’s 30th anniversary, Version 15 delivers more flexibility and performance than ever before, and helps users face the new challenges and opportunities of the large-format digital printing industry. Discover the new features of CalderaRIP.


New features of Version 15

White Under Marks

Improve cutting on non-white media

The White Under Marks feature has been designed to improve cutting accuracy on all types of non-white media. When printing on dark, transparent or metallic substrates, and if white ink is available on the printer, CalderaRIP adds white ink under and around the cutting marks and codes to improve the cutter detection.


Inspect your jobs before printing

With the Preview, we have made job verification and production management a lot easier. Within the Caldera Spooler and CalderaJobs, open a preview in full screen and zoom in to easily identify the jobs inside the nest and check the marks before printing to avoid unwanted errors and waste.

PrintProof CalderaJobs – Filter by Date


Speed up job submission

Available both manually in Fileman and in combination with the Smart Hotfolders feature, SmartImport extracts meta-data from the filename, (number of copies, targeted printer, driver parameters or presets) to speed up job submission. It also automatically loads the scale, height and width settings to reduce human errors.

Exclusive CalderaCare feature


Automate your customer approval workflow

Improve your validation workflow by exporting a TIFF proof of your jobs after the ripping process. These proofs can be used for final approval from their customers before production to avoid unwanted media and ink waste.

Exclusive CalderaCare feature

Filter by Date

Quickly find any job to reprint or archive in CalderaJobs

Instead of the Caldera Spooler, work directly from CalderaJobs and benefit from an improved interface to easily find, archive, delete or print any job. To go faster, all your jobs can also be filtered by date, and if needed, you can also archive a specific day, week or month of your production just as easily.

Exclusive CalderaCare feature





Version 15 improvements

New Pantone FHI Spot Colors

CalderaRIP includes a new update of the Pantone Fashion and Home Interior Spot Colors library. In addition to the current 2310 colors available, these new 315 color references further expand fashion and home décor printing possibilities, while enhancing the accurate reproduction of colors.

Fotoba ASP

When producing many custom jobs of different sizes on a roll printer, automate your trimming workflow using the ASP* (Automatic Slicer Positioning) functionality of the Fotoba XLA 170, only available with CalderaRIP software. Reduce manual processes while guaranteeing maximum cutting speed, flexibility and precision.

The ASP feature is only available with CalderaRIP software, and requires the Trim-O-Matik option.

TileOrder from Bottom Right

Extended settings have been added to our TileOrder feature in order to ease the production process of large-format projects such as vehicle wrapping. When creating a poster or another project within the Tiling+ module, you can now select to start printing from bottom-right for more flexibility and to help save valuable time on-site.

Wide Contour Offset

With Wide Contour Offset, benefit from an increased range of Cut Contour offsets (from [-10mm, +10mm] to [-100mm, +100mm]). This feature greatly improves the accuracy of the cutting process on shrinking or distorting textile substrates.

And more!

Version 15 includes all the features of the previous versions of CalderaRIP. 

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Our maturity is still fueled by innovation

For the company 30th anniversary, our RIP has been improved with a range of new features revealing our commitment to leverage your production workflows. I am delighted to see that our maturity is still fueled by innovation and that our customers can benefit from our rock-solid foundation to address new challenges.

Arnaud Fabre, Product Manager at Caldera



New OS Support & Drivers

Compatible with more than 1,600 devices from major manufacturers, Caldera is a comprehensive solution that can be integrated in any wide-format Print & Cut production environment. Check whether your printers & cutters are supported by the Caldera solutions.

20+ drivers CalderaRIP V15 macOS Monterey illustration on a purple iMac

More than 20 new print & cut drivers included in the V15 ISO



Ready for the upcoming release of macOS Monterey



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