Version 13

more effective printing in less time

Introducing CalderaRIP Version 13

With the latest version of our award-winning RIP software, you’ll discover a whole range of new and improved features that will not only help you save time across your workflow, but deliver a more streamlined operation unique to your needs. With all your favorite applications and new drivers available, now’s the time to upgrade for a whole new Caldera printing experience.

An overview of the V13 changes

There’s lots to appreciate in this new version – which, as always, has been developed to enhance the user experience by providing intuitive functionality for faster and more cost-effective printing.

Print&Cut Mirror

For dye sublimation and backlit printing, this new feature will save up to 20% of prepress time by allowing you to mirror print and cut data directly in the RIP.

Tile Order

You can now adapt the order in which you print tiles to achieve significant onsite time savings during large tiling jobs, blueback and building wrapping.

CalderaJobs – Detailed View

Save time by managing a clean view of your past jobs while keeping track of production with a new, faster search engine and detailed job view.

Custom Annotations

This allows users to customise the information they include in annotations rather than the legacy Caldera standard or detailed information, saving space on media and allowing for circumstances when you can’t use a barcode or QRcode reader.


Save up to 60 percent of prepress time by automatically converting transparent backgrounds behind the image to spot channels.

Adobe Textile Designer Integration

Gives you the ability to design with confidence and print with accuracy, using a single streamlined process for accurate textile print production. You’ll be assured accurate pattern repeatability, with correct and consistent color management across all devices.

Print&Cut Mirror

Streamline mirror Workflows

  • Save Prepress time
  • For backlit applications printed and cut on the back side
  • For Dye Sublimation printing
  • Available for VisualCut & GrandCut marks

Backlit Mode: Cut Back

Original image Print mirrored on backside Cut backside Result frontside


Sublimation Mode: Transfer then Cut

Original image Print mirrored on paper Transfered on fabric Cut on fabric

Other new features: 

Faster downloads directly from CalderaDock – with V13, you’ll be able to download new Light Installers, new ICC profiles and printer drivers. 

Extended OS Support – V13.1 supports macOS Catalina 10.15 and Linux Debian 10. 

2xCMYK Print Mode – optimizes your 2xCMYK printer using finer screening and ink optimization on duplicated heads. 




Managing a clean view of your jobs saves time while keeping track of your production

  • Archive, save or delete selected jobs
  • New Search Engine with detailed job view


CalderaJobs interface in CalderaRIP software
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CalderaJobs interface in CalderaRIP software
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CalderaJobs Interface in CalderaRIP Software
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CalderaJobs interface CalderaRIP software
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Adapt your prints order to ease, optimize, speed up your installation process

  • Choose to start printing from one corner
  • Order number in filename before line and columns name
  • Alternate print direction


Save prepress time by automatically converting channels

  • Specially for .png files with transparent backgrounds from WebShops
  • Available in Fileman Options to automate in workflows and Nexio.


Custom Annotations

Reduce printed information space

  • No more needed to put the legacy Caldera standard or detailed information
  • Same tags as in QRCode

Adobe Textile Designer

Support of Adobe Textile Designer file format

Streamline your textile workflow

  • Automatically set the drop in your RIP
  • Automatically set the spot colors in your RIP

And more for CalderaCare users:

  • Visualize the contents of your nests
  • Dedicated portal to follow support tickets
  • Double-sided printing workflow

More information about CalderaCare.

We’ve also improved some of your existing favorites:


  • you can minimize the time color matching takes with the ability to import Spectral Brand Colors, to select measurement conditions and to select illuminant and observer conditions.
  • this latest version delivers savings of up to 30 percent on the previous version.


Save more money with the highest color accuracy

  • Up to 30% more savings than previous version
  • More vibrant colors with maximum saving level
  • Requires Ink performer option purchase

More about InkPerformer

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