Create, track and automate using StreamLive’s impressive features

StreamLive puts you in control of your workflow by allowing you to specify production processes, track jobs in real time and automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks. The cloud-based SaaS application is fully scalable and comes with a range of options so you can tailor its functions to suit the way you work – plus the recent addition of Aleyant Pressero™, the market-leading web-to-print software, adds a versatile online storefront.

Key features


Build your ideal production process at the touch of a button


Keep track of all your jobs in real time


Automate the processes that you do over and over again


Create advanced reports and e-mail them automatically

A versatile saas application you can tailor to your needs

Tracking software that gives remote control over the production process

This versatile program allows you to create customer job sheets, submit files to your workflow, connect with the RIP and automate your email reporting. It also comes with a range of bolt-on options that put you in control of functionality – add planning, document generation, preflight, storage, notification or data import/export modules to suit the way you work.

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