Automate your trimming workflow

Scale up your trimming workflow

Trim-O-Matik is an optional cut module for CalderaRIP which prepares your jobs for automatic trimmers.  

Perfect for cutting rectangular shapes at unrivaled speed, trimmers are the solution to speed up and scale up your production. Trimmers also benefit from dedicated features in CalderaRIP software, with Trim-O-Matik, our optional cut module which prepares your jobs for automatic trimmers. Trim-O-Matik generates the trim marks on the job, helping you save valuable production time.  

Combined with the power of Caldera’s ContourNesting and Step&Repeat features, create optimized layouts at the click of a button to reduce media waste and further increase your production speed. 

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Benefits of Trim-O-Matik

Seamless integration

Trim-O-Matik is compatible with all industry-leading trimmers on the market.

Save time on the cutting process 

Trim-O-Matik automatically generates the necessary trim marks on the job, helping you save valuable production time.

Automate your trimming workflow

Focus on added-value tasks while Trim-O-Matik automates your trimming workflow.



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Trim-O-Matik is an optional module for CalderaRIP software.

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