Achieve richer, deeper blacks

Improve your printing results

Achieving a richdeep black color is one of the biggest challenges faced by digital printers working alongside designersespecially when it comes to textile, photography or even backlit media.  

As a rule, designers are working within the RGB color space while printers work in CMYK. Integrating a RGB workflow into the printing process makes it possible to reproduce more accurate blacks, and to provide designers with a simulation profile in RGB. By using the same RGB profile from creation to production, the file undergoes less ICC conversions which could deteriorate the colors.  

RGBWorkflow is an optional color management feature allowing digital printers to carry out print profiles in RGB. Using the same RGB profile from creation to production ensures you meet the designer’s expectations in terms of color accuracy.


Benefits of RGBWorkflow

A single profile from creation to production

Keeping the same RGB print profile from design to production helps achieve deeper blacks and meet the designer’s expectations, since the file undergoes less ICC conversions. 

Produce richer, deeper blacks

Impress your customers with improved color accuracy, especially for textile, photography and backlit media.



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RGBWorkflow is an optional module for CalderaRIP software. The option is included in the Textile packages.

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