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Developed in association with the color expert Alwan, InkPerformer is an optional ink-saving module for CalderaRIP. Designed to help inkjet printers reduce their ink consumption while maintaining color accuracy, InkPerformer improves grey neutrality while reducing production costs.

How does it work?

You don’t need to be a color expert or redo your ICC profiles to save on ink— once enabled, the InkPerformer module automatically calculates a new color combination which decreases the amount of ink printed on the substrate. Based on Alwan’s Dynamic Maximum Black technology, InkPerformer adjusts the level of cyan, magenta and yellow inks and replaces them with black in order to optimize the ink consumption of the printer.

This method guarantees better output color precision compared to a GCR (Grey Component Replacement) process. Since there are no constraints on the black ink level, more ink can be saved. Moreover, users have the choice between 4 ink saving levels depending on the application, and the maximum saving level can help you save up to 35% ink.

In addition, when printed with color components, the greys tend to appear bluish, reddish or yellowish. The metamerism of the chromatic inks, which change the perception of the color according to the lighting, creates this impression of coloration. InkPerformer uses the black ink appropriately to reduce this effect, helping you achieve neutral greys and blacks.

InkPerformer in CalderaRIP software



Advantages of using InkPerformer

Easy to install and to use

InkPerformer can be activated or deactivated in CalderaRIP’s job submission interface. The tool consists of 2 settings: the first for adjusting the percentage at which the introduction of black ink is initiated, and the second for the ink saving level.

Improves grey neutrality

InkPerformer uses black ink appropriately to reduce blueish, reddish or yellowish effects when printing greys, helping you achieve neutral greys and blacks.

Simulate and compare ink consumption before printing

InkPerformer calculates and compares the ink consumption of a same job, with and without InkPerformer. Once the two examples are ripped, the Spooler displays the percentage of ink saved to estimate the ink cost of each job.

Achieve a rapid return on investment

InkPerformer helps print operators to reduce their ink consumption and production costs. The higher your ink consumption, the faster you will get a return on investment. For example, if you use 2 latex machines consuming at least 0.5L per day and apply a 15% ink saving with InkPerformer, you will achieve a return on investment in less than 4 months, using ink cartridges of 775mL.

A more sustainable and cost-effective production

Optimizing the ink consumption have significant benefits in terms of sustainability, both for the environment and for your business. InkPerformer is the first step to reduce waste and achieve a cost-effective production.

Use your existing profiles

No need to recreate or duplicate a specific ICC profile— InkPerformer uses existing profiles to which it applies its algorithm for ink optimization. Moreover, you can save your InkPerformer settings in a print configuration for further automation!



Manage your ink consumption

InkPerformer saving levels

Easy to install and to use, InkPerformer is the perfect ally to manage your ink consumption and reduce your ink costs without compromising on color accuracy.

The module can be enabled directly in CalderaRIP’s job submission interface.

First, the user can adjust the percentage at which the black ink is initiated. Then, for more flexibility, InkPerformer lets you choose between 4 ink-saving levels depending on your needs: Low, Medium, High and Maximum.

The Maximum saving level can help you save up to 35% ink!



InkPerformer features

InkPerformer embeds several features designed to help you optimize your ink consumption. 

✓ Alwan’s Dynamic Maximum Black technology
✓ Multiple ink saving levels
✓ Ink cost calculation tool
✓ User-friendly interface
✓ Can be deployed on an unlimited number of printers*

*InkPerformer is sold per printer driver. Please contact us regarding our packages.



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InkPerformer is an optional module for CalderaRIP software.

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