Hardware Acceleration

Boost your RIP performance with OpenCL

Hardware Acceleration for CalderaRIP software

Hardware Acceleration is an option designed to take advantage of the hardware’s full capabilities in order to boost its performance and dramatically reduce ripping and printing times. Speed up your production by distributing computing power in a smart way to deliver all your jobs right on time.  


What is Hardware Acceleration?

Most computers embed a multi-core CPU (central processing unit) which can process several complex tasks in parallel.

On the other hand, GPUs (graphical processing units) contain hundreds of cores which are capable of processing a massive number of simple tasks in parallel. But data transfer and memory management between CPU & GPU is a time-consuming process.

The Hardware Acceleration algorithm aims to optimize the usage of all these cores (CPU + GPU) in order to boost the processing speed and efficiency of your hardware.

Increase performance with OpenCL™


The Hardware Acceleration option lets you take advantage of your computer’s full capacity in order to dramatically speed up ripping and printing times. 

The OpenCL (Open Computing Language) API allows CalderaRIP to access multiple processors simultaneously in order to perform parallel processingwhich enables greater speed and efficiency.  

Boost your computation power by using in parallel multi-core CPUs and GPUs from NVidia, AMD, Intel, and many more! 

Benefit from faster processing power

Ripping an image file is a complex and power-hungry computation process. 

All cores of central processing unit (CPU) and graphical processing units (GPU) can be used simultaneously to speed up the ripping process in CalderaRIP 

In other words, most station with multi-coresfast communication and powerful recent GPUs can benefit from a better ripping performance when implementing the Hardware Acceleration option.  

Indeed, thanks to the OpenCL™️ technology, all central processing units (CPU) and graphics cards (GPU) are in sync with your production, enabling greater speed and efficiency. 

This option allows you to run more printers with fewer computers, RIP last-minute jobs and be ready to invest in the world of ultra-fast digital presses (single pass).  



Benefits of Hardware Acceleration



Speed up your production

Distribute computing power in a smart way to boost your production speed and deliver jobs right on time.

Increase your ROI

Scale up your production to optimize your printer investment.

Save money on hardware

Save money on hardware by boosting the capabilities of your equipment.

Additional information  

Hardware Acceleration is available as an option for VisualRIP+, GrandRIP+ and TextilePro standard packages.  

Please note that only halftone modes benefit from OpenCL™

Check if your driver is compatible with Hardware Acceleration on our Supported Peripherals page. 

More information about OpenCL™: www.khronos.org/opencl    


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