Cut modules

Efficient print-to-cut workflow

Optional features


Cut modules for a complete production flow

Caldera drives the best cutters in the industry, either automatic line cutting devices or via controllers, in order to guarantee you:
• a unified print-to-cut workflow
• automatic setting of cutting marks
• managing multiple contours in a single file
• the possibility of adding additional positioning marks
• the possibility to minimize wastage and enhance cutting accuracy

Cutting automation for a more efficient workflow

This option prepares your jobs for automatic trimmers such as Fotoba, Crest, Kala, Meevo and similar devices. It allows you to combine trimming with the power of the Caldera nesting and repeating features (Step&Repeat). All your jobs can be automatically assembled and then cut on large rolls, thus reducing waste and increasing your production rate.

Modules displayed on this page are optional features. For more information, please contact us.