Customize your ink configurations

Expand your color gamut with CustomInkset

In textile and industrial printing applications such as ceramics, wood floors or bathroom tiles, market trends make it necessary to go beyond what the CMYK alone can achieve. 

With this optional color management module for CalderaRIP, you can design your own ink configurations from scratch and discover new shades of printed colorsInsert your cartridges, choose which ones will be used in the mixes (process inks) and which ones will be handled separately (spot inks). 


Benefits of CustomInkset

Build your own ink configurations

With CustomInkset, you are free to create and manage your own ink configurations from scratch! Insert your cartridges and choose your process inks and spot inks to achieve the wanted result.

Expand your color gamut 

Go beyond CMYK and impress your customers with a wider range of colors.

Explore new market trends

With unlimited color possibilities, you are free to explore and tackle new market trends and applications, such as ceramics, wood floors or bathroom tiles to diversify your printing business.

Want to try CustomInkset?

CustomInkset is an optional module for CalderaRIP software. CustomInkset is included in the Textile packages.

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