Master all your production costs

Improve your cost management

Need to measure how profitable your production really is?  

CostEstimation is an optional module for CalderaRIP helping you estimate job-related costs before the printing stage, based on similar jobs printed in the past or based on the ripped data of your jobs. Having precise cost estimations allows you to deliver more accurate quotes and efficiently manage your production costs. In addition, these data can be exported and analyzed to improve profitability.  

Ink and media consumption can be measured directly from the CostProof interface (in CalderaRIP’s Spooler) to help you optimize your media usage, while other costs (such as labor costs or manufacturing costs) can be analyzed from the CostView interface. Moreover, the CostEstimation module can also be used to measure your Co2 consumption, so that you can work toward a more sustainable, eco-friendly printing production. 


Benefits of CostEstimation

Measure all your production-related costs

Measure ink and media consumption in CostProof (within the Spooler interface), and other costs in the CostView interface.

Stay competitive

Having precise cost estimations allows you to deliver more accurate quotes, efficiently manage your production costs, and build a price policy based on data.

Analyze your data

Export and analyze the compiled data to find areas of improvements and make your production more profitable.

Make your production more sustainable

Measure your Co2 consumption and work toward an eco-friendly, sustainable production model.

Want to try CostEstimation?

CostEstimation is an optional module for CalderaRIP software.

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