Cost modules

Master your costs

Optional features

To estimate your ink and media consumption

This cost estimate module calculates your ink and media consumption per job to give you the estimated cost of printing so that you can offer the most accurate possible quotes.

To measure your print jobs cost

CostEstimation also provides an overview of all costs related to each job, not only in terms of ink and media, but also the costs of the machine and other additional costs. Thanks to an easy-to-use web interface, production managers can track and explore their production to find areas for improvement.

And export this data!

You can also export data from CostEstimation in CSV format in order to use them in other analysis tools.

For smart ink savings

For each job, the best combination of inks is calculated in order to reduce the overall quantity of ink used while maintaining the quality of your prints. Reducing the amount of ink used allows faster drying time and cuts down on production costs.

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Modules displayed on this page are optional features. For more information, please contact us.