Color modules

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Optional features

logo RGB Workflow module for CalderaRIP

For a richer, deeper black

One of the day-to-day challenges faced by printers working directly with designers, particularly in the textile sector, but also in photography and backlit media, is getting close to the deep black visualized on screen.
As a rule, designers work in the RGB color space, while printers work in CMYK. Integrating an RGB flow into the printing process makes it possible to control the printing of black and to provide designers with a simulation profile in RGB.

This is an option included in the Textile package.

logo CustomInkset module for CalderaRIP

For improved ink management

This module lets you create and manage customizable configurations for ink. Insert your cartridges, choose which ones will be used in the mixes (process inks) and which will be handled separately (spot inks).

This is an option included in the Textile package.

Logo PrintStandardVerifier module for CalderaRIP

To check the conformity of your prints

This option makes it possible to carry out periodical conformity checks of the printing process with respect to the industry color standards: Fogra, G7, ISO. If you are printing for large accounts, you can assure them of your ability to meet international standards for right color consistency.

Modules displayed on this page are optional features. For more information, please contact us.