Making connections to automate production processes

Nexio adds a new level of automation to your printing processes by connecting your Caldera RIP with third-party programs using standard JDF/JMF protocols. This allows for more automated sequences, faster production times and advanced production reports. You’ll save time and money as Nexio joins the dots between your RIP software, your web shop, your accounting packages and other web-based applications, such as CRM, ERP and MIS.


Workflow processes can be automated to minimize errors and reduce production costs


Nexio interfaces with your other software packages using standard JDF/JMF protocols, sends jobs to the RIP and collects reporting data


When jobs have been marked ‘done’, Nexio generates JDF reports to send back to the application.

Enhanced profitability

By generating job reports, Nexio enables production performance analysis which can fuel operational development and enhance profitability.

Nexio, fewer errors & reduced costs

Joining the dots for business optimization and streamlined production

With improved file automation and production reporting, Nexio allows operators to derive as much power from the workflow as possible by linking and automating software processes and streamlining hardware control using data. It gives wide format printers the opportunity to take full advantage of JDF business automation.

Philippos Zachiridis

Because each of our products can be individually changed by the customer, there are thousands of combinations and that is impossible for a single employee to oversee and manage. The automation we can achieve with Caldera Nexio gives us the option to increase and expand that range even further without the risk of introducing faults in the process.

AufKleber Produktion, Germany