Manage all your Caldera solutions

It all starts with CalderaDock

CalderaDock is the first step of the installation process.

From one single interface, operators can manage the licenses and installation of all their Caldera solutions— and access a wide range of resources.




Download your Caldera software 

Download and launch CalderaRIP, CalderaJobs or PrimeCenter directly from the Applications tab.

Register your software licenses

CalderaDock is linked to your WorkSpace account to let you access all your license information. Register & activate your new licenses directly from the Licenses tab.


Access all your tools & resources

CalderaDock provides maintenance tools and resources to help with your Caldera solutions. Save and restore RIP configurations, restart your services, or directly access our technical support & documentation platform.

Mount & manage remote directories

New in V2.1Save time mounting & managing remote file directories on Linux directly from CalderaDock. Setting up remote file directories is especially useful when your large format printer has a controller from which you need to access your print files.

Requires a CalderaCare subscription

Stay up to date with our news

Browse through the Discover tab to stay up to date with our latest news— including product releases, new drivers and future events.




CalderaDock Applications tab
CalderaDock Licenses tab
CalderaDock drivers tab
CalderaDock profiles tab
CalderaDock resources tab
CalderaDock Access tab
CalderaDock Discover tab




Get started with Caldera

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CalderaDock is available on Windows, macOS & Linux. More information on OS compatibilities.

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